Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

Here are answers to the most fre­quently asked ques­tions about mycon­vento.

Con­tract and Order

1. How can I order mycon­vento?

Click on our web­site www.myconvento.com on OFFER and then on ORDER, and simply fill out the order form. We will then activ­ate you. How­ever, we are also happy to accept your writ­ten order and then place the order for you in the mycon­vento sys­tem.

2. Do we need a spe­cial order con­tract to make the order effect­ive?

All we need is your order via the web­site. In our view, this con­sti­tutes a val­id con­tract. The basis is then our Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions. If you need an offer and want or have to write an order to us, this is of course also pos­sible. Please con­tact our sales depart­ment.

3. Do I have to accept the Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions of mycon­vento?

With your order and activ­a­tion you usu­ally accept Convento’s Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions. How­ever, we are happy to agree on a dif­fer­ent con­trac­tu­al arrange­ment. This requires your writ­ten order with the respect­ive con­tract. Please note that in this case you need „Premi­um Con­tract­ing”. Your one-time costs are 500 Euro for the con­clu­sion of the con­tract and 25 Euro per month for the per­man­ent mon­it­or­ing of your con­tract.

4. Do we need a spe­cial Data Pro­cessing Con­tract?

With your order and activ­a­tion by us you auto­mat­ic­ally con­clude a con­tract for data pro­cessing (DPC) with us. Thus, we com­ply with the leg­al require­ments of Art. 28 no. 3 of the EU Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (GDPR). We have developed a mod­el con­tract for this pur­pose which meets the needs of both parties. It is val­id without your and our sig­na­ture.

If you want to use your own con­tract ver­sion, we usu­ally also accept your con­tract ver­sion, but then offer it to you as „Premi­um Con­tract­ing” due to the increased effort involved (see above).

5. What does “Named User Lizens­ing” mean?

In con­trast to “con­cur­rent user licens­ing”, where the num­ber of users work­ing at the same time is defined, named user licens­ing means that users are stored by name and then activ­ated. The licensed „named users” are the total num­ber of users who can the­or­et­ic­ally work with mycon­vento, wheth­er at the same time or not. In mycon­venteo, you can cre­ate a high­er num­ber of users and set the sur­plus users to „inact­ive”.

6. My num­ber of users dif­fers from the pos­sible order quant­it­ies. Why is there a gradu­ation any­way?

You can sub­scribe to mycon­vento for 1–5‑10–20-30 etc. user(s). This gradu­ation ensures that most user com­pan­ies rarely change the scope of their orders. This reduces our admin­is­trat­ive costs, enables us to offer low prices and makes plan­ning easi­er for you and us. Thus a change of your user staff does not auto­mat­ic­ally lead to a change of your sub­scrip­tion.

II. Data Pro­tec­tion and data secur­ity

1. Where is my data?

Your data is phys­ic­ally stored in the mycon­vento data cen­ter which is man­aged by myloc man­aged IT AG in Düs­sel­dorf, a data cen­ter cer­ti­fied by the Ger­man TÜV accord­ing to ISO 27001.

2. What does mycon­vento do for data pro­tec­tion?

We con­tinu­ously ful­fill and mon­it­or com­pli­ance with all applic­able data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions for ourselves and our part­ners. In addi­tion, we also sup­port our cus­tom­ers in ful­filling their leg­al oblig­a­tions as „per­sons respons­ible” with­in the mean­ing of the EU Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (GDPR). This also includes the oblig­a­tion of all employ­ees and sup­pli­ers, in par­tic­u­lar to the EU GDPR and the cor­res­pond­ing Fed­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Act as well as our ongo­ing cooper­a­tion with an extern­al data pro­tec­tion officer.

3. What does mycon­vento do for data secur­ity?

Sev­er­al daily and weekly backups are a mat­ter of course, as is the high avail­ab­il­ity and reli­ab­il­ity of the cer­ti­fied data cen­ter. In addi­tion, the data backups are dis­trib­uted over two data cen­ters at myloc and a weekly backup is stored in an extern­al high-secur­ity safe. We guar­an­tee an annu­al aver­age avail­ab­il­ity of 99.5%.

4. What hap­pens if someone for­gets his pass­word?

Every user may have sent a new one-time pass­word via the „For­got pass­word” link. After the first login with this pass­word you have to enter your own PW again. We don’t know the pass­words.

5. Our policies require chan­ging pass­words from time to time. How does it work?

In mycon­vento you can set the inter­val a new pass­word is reques­ted with­in.

6. I want the highest pos­sible pro­tec­tion for our data, prefer­ably my own sys­tem. Is that pos­sible?

Yes, as a so-called „Hos­ted Appli­ance” with its own phys­ic­al serv­er and data­base sys­tem in the data cen­ter or as „Loc­al Appli­ance” in your com­pany. With the „Hos­ted Appli­ance” we provide the neces­sary hard­ware and soft­ware. With a „Loc­al Appli­ance” you provide the hard­ware and the licenses for Win­dows, Office and the data­base serv­er.

7. A simple ligin with user ID and pass­word is not suf­fi­cient for me. Is there any­thing more?

You can set mycon­vento to send you a second one-time pass­word by e‑mail. This pass­word is then addi­tion­ally required for your login.

8. Can I dif­fer­en­ti­ate the data of dif­fer­ent busi­ness areas or part­ners?

We have developed a cli­ent man­age­ment pre­cisely for this pur­pose.

9. What data does a user see or edit when the cli­ent man­ag­ment is activ­ated?

A user only sees or edits the data that he is allowed to pro­cess. For this pur­pose you define the rights „Full access” or „Read only”. Data from cli­ents to which the user has no rights („hid­den”) is invis­ible to him.
Ein Anwender sieht oder bearbeitet nur die Daten, die er bearbeiten darf. Dazu hin­ter­le­gen Sie die Rechte „Vollzu­griff“ oder „Nur lesen“. Daten von Mand­anten, zu den­en der Anwender keine Rechte hat („Hid­den“) sind für ihn dage­gen unsicht­bar.

10. Can I eas­ily access my data in between?

We would be happy to arrange with you to down­load the entire data­base or have it sent to you on CD. Please con­tact our cus­tom­er ser­vice. Apart from that, you can down­load dis­tri­bu­tion lists, mail­ing lists or par­ti­cipant lists to Excel at any time.

11. What hap­pens to my data at the end of the col­lab­or­a­tion?

First, we will send you your com­plete data. After the end of the cooper­a­tion and a short wait­ing peri­od (usu­ally four weeks) all cop­ies at our premises will be des­troyed.

III. Start­ing phase and Sub­scrip­tion

1. What is the dur­a­tion and can­cel­la­tion peri­od of the mycon­vento sub­scrip­tion?

With your order you determ­ine the start of the free start­ing phase. This is 15 days. You can can­cel your sub­scrip­tion at any time dur­ing the free start­ing phase. Oth­er­wise, the reg­u­lar sub­scrip­tion will auto­mat­ic­ally start after­wards accord­ing to the ser­vices you have ordered. The reg­u­lar sub­scrip­tion is val­id until the end of the cal­en­dar year and is auto­mat­ic­ally exten­ded by one year if you do not can­cel it by giv­ing three months’ notice (i.e. until Septem­ber 30th of the year). To do this, it is suf­fi­cient to ini­ti­ate the can­cel­la­tion in the mycon­vento sys­tem in the „Sub­scrip­tion” area. Altern­at­ively, the ter­min­a­tion may of course also be declared in writ­ing. mycon­vento is still fully usable until the end of the year even after ter­min­a­tion. With­in this peri­od, you can also can­cel your ter­min­a­tion at any time and with only a few clicks.

2. How can I can­cel mycon­vento dur­ing the start­ing phase?

Wir bieten Ihnen dazu direkt auf der Start­seite eine ein­fache Abmel­demög­lich­keit an.

3. Are there any restric­tions dur­ing the start­ing phase?

You can send mail­ings to only a max­im­um of 100 recip­i­ents at the same time, and you are not author­ized to export data from the press­base (Ger­many, Aus­tria, Switzer­land). For­ward Fea­tures for Ger­many, Aus­tria and Switzer­land as well as press­base World data are not avail­able at all dur­ing this peri­od.

4. Why do i need to sub­scribe for press­base DACH to use press­base PLUS?

Cause press­base DACH is the tech­nic­al basis for press­base PLUS.

5. How and when do I get my invoices?

Rech­nun­gen versenden wir üblich­er­weise nur als PDF per E‑Mail, es sei denn, Sie haben die Zus­tel­lung per Brief bei Ihr­er Bestel­lung aus­drück­lich angegeben. Die erste Rech­nung erhal­ten Sie zu Beginn des Kal­enderquartals, das auf das Ende der Start­phase fol­gt. Wir berechnen dann die weni­gen Tage Ihres Abon­ne­ments bis zum Quartals­be­ginn und bereits turnus­mäßig das fol­gende Quartal. Weit­ere Abon­ne­ment­s­rech­nun­gen dann jew­eils zum Quartals­an­fang für die fol­genden drei Mon­ate. Rech­nun­gen für Ver­sände oder Volu­men­ver­brauch erhal­ten Sie jew­eils zu Beginn des Fol­ge­mon­ats für den zurück­lie­genden Mon­at.

6. Can I provide a sep­ar­ate billing address?

Well, of course.

7. Who man­ages my sub­scrip­tion?

With your order you name the so-called „License Man­ager” and „Admin­is­trat­or”. This per­son man­ages your sub­scrip­tion, determ­ines the num­ber of „named users” and the oth­er scope of ser­vices and changes it if neces­sary. Often the license man­ager and admin­is­trat­or are the same per­son.

8. How can I extend, reduce or can­cel my sub­scrip­tion?

The license man­ager effects this in the „Sub­scrip­tion” sec­tion. Here he can change the scope of the license or can­cel the sub­scrip­tion. Please note that reduc­tions will only take effect at the begin­ning of the next cal­en­dar year.

9. Can affil­i­ated com­pan­ies use the sub­scrip­tion?

Any affil­i­ate can join your sub­scrip­tion. Even if you only have a busi­ness rela­tion­ship, for example with an agency, and want to access joint data, shar­ing with­in the scope of your mycon­vento account is pos­sible. Please note that there must only be one invoice recip­i­ent and one respons­ible license man­ager and admin­is­trat­or.

10. Is there any sup­port for the import of my pre­vi­ous data?

mycon­vento offers an easy to use import wiz­ard allow­ing you to con­veni­ently import address lists from Excel. If you also need to take over con­tact notes, we will be happy to make you a ser­vice offer.

IV. Admin­is­tra­tion

1. Can I see the stor­age and dis­patch volume that has already been con­sumed?

This can be seen at any time on the start screen of mycon­vento. You see the monthly con­sump­tion and the total con­sump­tion. Fur­ther­more, mycon­vento shows you the volume of a mail­ing order, even before you have sent it.

2. Who takes care of the user rights and how do you set them?

The license man­ager names an admin­is­trat­or if he does not assume this task him­self. The admin­is­trat­or sets up the users and their rights in the „Admin­is­tra­tion” pro­gram area and takes care of cre­at­ing the e‑mail accounts (sender addresses, etc.).

3. Can I change the lan­guage of the user inter­face?

Yes, you can switch between Ger­man and Eng­lish at any time.

4. Can I cre­ate sev­er­al sender accounts? Which options do I have?

You can cre­ate any num­ber of sender accounts and assign them to your users. How­ever, it makes sense to care for suf­fi­cient author­iz­a­tion. Here the so called SPF pro­ced­ure and the DKIM pro­ced­ure come into ques­tion. Details can be found in the white­pa­per „E‑mail dis­patch with mycon­vento”, avail­able on our web­site www.myconvento.com.

V. Ser­vice and Sup­port

1. How can I reach the mycon­vento help­desk?

We offer chat sup­port, which you may start from the start page of mycon­vento (under SER­VICE).

2. Is there an online help?

Yes, in Ger­man and Eng­lish. It explains and describes the typ­ic­al work stages and can be opened from any­where in mycon­vento.

3. What are the response and ser­vice times?

Our busi­ness hours are from 8.00 to 18.00 o’c­lock, Monday-Fri­day, but not on NRW hol­i­days. If neces­sary, you can book sup­port out­side this time with us, for example in the run-up to import­ant mail­ings. Response times depend on the sever­ity of an error.

4. What hap­pens if the sys­tem is „down” after all? What down­times have there been in the past?

For this very unlikely case, we have set up a fault page on which we will inform you reg­u­larly about the status of the works. In the last 12 years, we have only needed this page once.

5. How can I get an even bet­ter sup­port level?

We are happy to offer you the „Premi­um Sup­port” ser­vice. As a premi­um user, you will receive tele­phone sup­port from our sup­port and cus­tom­er ser­vice. You will also be called back if neces­sary.

6. How can I order fur­ther train­ing courses?

Simply send an e‑mail to kun­den­be­treuung [at] myconvento.com or con­tact the chat sup­port. We will call you back.

VI. Tech­nic­al ques­tions

1. What are the min­im­um hard­ware and soft­ware require­ments?

mycon­vento runs on all com­mer­cially avail­able and reas­on­ably up-to-date end devices. These include smart­phones, tab­lets and desktop PCs.

2. Which browsers can I use?

In prin­ciple, you can use any com­mon browser, i.e. Inter­net Explorer, Fire­fox, Chrome or Safari. How­ever, please make sure that the ver­sion is as up-to-date as pos­sible.

3. Can I con­nect mycon­vento to my office pro­grams?

You can export dis­tri­bu­tion lists, recip­i­ent lists or par­ti­cipant lists to Excel. This way you also get the recip­i­ents of your mail merges or for your seri­al labels. You then link your let­ter or label tem­plate to the down­loaded data.
You may import your e‑mail cor­res­pond­ence into mycon­vento and doc­u­ment and archive it with your con­tact per­son. For this pur­pose, mycon­vento con­nects to your e‑mail serv­er via the IMAP pro­tocol. We use the same tech­no­logy that is used to access your email account from tab­lets and smart­phones.
If you want to write a let­ter to your con­tact per­son, you trans­fer the address and saluta­tion data from mycon­vento via the clip­board into your Word doc­u­ment. Word tem­plates can be stored in the medi­a­cen­ter for team shar­ing. Finally, you can upload the com­pleted Word doc­u­ment back to the con­tact person’s data record.

4. What does mycon­vento do to ensure that my mail­ing orders arrive?

We offer author­iz­a­tion pro­ced­ures such as SPF/MX and DKIM. In addi­tion, mycon­vento offers com­plete trans­par­ency regard­ing the deliv­ery rate and the deliv­ery suc­cess with the indi­vidu­al recip­i­ents, a black­list­ing and the user-friendly and simple cor­rec­tion of undeliv­er­able e‑mails („bounced mail hand­ling”).

VII. Ques­tions about the scope of ser­vices

1. What is the dif­fer­ence between Stand­ard and Premi­um Dis­patch?

With premi­um dis­patch, we guar­an­tee pri­or­it­ized deliv­ery, usu­ally with­in a few minutes. When stand­ard dis­patch is con­cerned, your order is always pro­cessed after a premi­um order, provided there is one at the same time. In addi­tion, at the end of your e‑mail you will find a notice that the mail­ing was per­formed with the help of myconvento.com.

2. What is the “press­base” based on?

On an exten­ded ver­sion of the „Stamm Impres­sum”, the most com­pre­hens­ive media data­base in the Ger­man-speak­ing world on the one hand and on the „Top­ic Pro” top­ic data­base of the Mount Bar­ley pub­lish­ing house on the oth­er. We can offer you the com­bin­a­tion of these two estab­lished products exclus­ively. We here­with cov­er the DACH region com­pletely.

3. Why are there fees for export­ing the press­base?

Usu­ally it is not neces­sary to export data in mycon­vento. You can use all search data for your dis­patch orders. You can then trans­fer import­ant react­ors to your indi­vidu­al data­base and pro­cess them fur­ther. The renun­ci­ation of the gen­er­al export also offers a cer­tain pro­tec­tion for the data own­er and enables us to make you a very favor­able offer. If you still want to export press­base DACH data on a broad basis, you can extend your sub­scrip­tion by a small amount (50 Euros per month). But please note that extern­al use is only per­mit­ted to provide busi­ness part­ners with a proof of activ­it­ies in mycon­vento. The import of indi­vidu­al data sets from the press­base into your own data with­in mycon­vento is of course pos­sible at no extra charge.

4. What volume should I expect for data host­ing?

Users who do not set up a medi­a­cen­ter and do not integ­rate clip­ping scans usu­ally get by with the stand­ard volume of 1 GB. With media lib­rary and clip­pings, the cus­tom­er data­base can grow to sev­er­al GB over time. We charge 5 Euro per addi­tion­al GB per month for data host­ing. You can find inform­a­tion about your cur­rently used volume on the start screen of mycon­vento. If you need a lar­ger volume, we will be happy to sub­mit you a spe­cial offer.

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