Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about myconvento

I. Contract and order

1. How can I order myconvento?

Simply fill out the order form. We will then activate your account. We are also happy to accept your written order and then initiate the order in the myconvento system for you.

2. Do we need a special contract for the order to be effective?

All we need is your order via the website. This creates a valid contract. The basis is then our general terms and conditions. If you require a quotation and wish to place an order with us, this is of course also possible. Please contact our sales department.

3. We have our own GTC. Do I have to accept myconvento's GTC?

We are happy to agree a different contractual arrangement. You can conclude your own contract with us. Please note that in this case you will need the "Premium Contracting". The one-off costs are 500 euros for the conclusion of the contract and 30 euros for the permanent monitoring of your contract.

4. Do we need a special contract for commissioned data processing?

When you order myconvento, you accept our GTC and automatically conclude our standard contract for commissioned data processing (ADV contract) with us. You will find its text on our website.
However, we can also conclude an individual contract for commissioned data processing (ADV contract) with you on request. As a rule, we also accept your contract version, but then offer it to you as "Premium Contracting" due to the increased effort involved (see above).

5. What does "Named User Licensing" mean?

In contrast to "Concurrent User Licensing", where the number of users working simultaneously is determined, with "Named User Licensing" the users are entered by name and then activated. The licensed "Named Users" make up the total number of users who can theoretically work with myconvento, whether simultaneously or not. You can create a higher number of users in myconvento and initially set the excess users to "inactive".

6. My number of users differs from the possible order quantities. Why is there a sliding scale at all?

myconvento you can subscribe for 1-5-10-20-30 etc. users. This staggering ensures that most user companies rarely change the scope of their order. This reduces our administrative workload, enables us to keep prices low and makes planning easier for you and us. This is because a change in your users does not automatically lead to a change in your subscription.

II. Data protection and data security

1. Where is my data located?

Your data is physically stored in myconvento's Kubernetes cluster (from November 2023). This consists of several geo-redundant (i.e. spatially distributed) nodes at the Limburg, Strasbourg and Graveline locations of the data center operator OVH Cloud GmbH.
OVH Cloud is the largest European provider of data centers.

2. What does myconvento do for data protection?

We fully comply with the requirements of the EU GDPR. Among other things, this includes obliging all employees and suppliers to comply with data protection regulations and appointing an external data protection officer.

3. What does myconvento do for data security?

The operation of myconvento in the geo-redundant Kubernetes cluster guarantees you a very high level of availability. Additional security systems such as IDS/IPS, firewalls and redundant multi-generation data backups ensure a very high level of data security. As a result, we guarantee myconvento availability of 99.5% on an annual average. See also our TOMs (Technical and Organizational Measures).

4. What happens if someone forgets their password?

Every user can have a new one-time password sent to them via the "Forgot password" link. After the first login with this password, you must enter your own password again. We do not know the passwords.

5. Our policies require passwords to be changed from time to time. How does this work?

As an administrator, you can set the interval in myconvento under "Administration" within which a new password is requested from all users.

6. I want the best possible protection for our data, preferably a separate system. Is that possible?

Yes, as a "hosted appliance" with its own physical server and database system in the data center. With the hosted appliance, we provide the necessary hardware and software.

7. A simple login via user ID and password is not enough for me. Is there more?

You can set myconvento to send you a second one-time password by e-mail. This password is then also required for your login (two-factor authentication).

8. Can I differentiate between the databases of different business units or partners?

We have developed client management for precisely this purpose. This allows users to serve several subsidiaries or customers on a shared database without being able to view or change the data of the other unit.

9. What data does a user see or edit when client management is active?

A user only sees or edits the data that they are allowed to edit. To do this, the administrator stores the rights "Full access" or "Read only". Data from clients for which the user has no rights ("Hidden") is invisible to them.

10. Can I easily access my data in between?

We would be happy to arrange the option of downloading the entire database. Please contact our customer service department.

Irrespective of this, you can download distribution lists, mailing lists or participant lists as Excel files at any time.

11. What happens to my data after the end of the collaboration?

First, we will send you your data in full. After the end of the collaboration and a short waiting period (maximum three months), we will destroy all copies.

12. Can different companies work together on myconvento?

We allow the use of a joint account by several companies if it is an agency-client business relationship or an affiliated company.
However, one user company must be responsible for managing the account and paying our invoices.

III. Start-up phase and subscription

1. What term and notice period does the myconvento subscription offer?

When you place your order, you specify the start of the free start-up phase. This is 15 days. You can cancel your subscription at any time without notice during the free start phase. The regular subscription will then start automatically according to the services you have ordered.

The regular subscription runs until the end of the calendar year and is automatically extended by one year if you do not cancel it with three months' notice (i.e. by September 30 of the year). All you need to do is cancel your subscription in the myconvento system under "Subscription". myconvento will remain fully usable for you until the end of the year even after you have canceled your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription at any time during this period with just a few clicks.

2. How can I cancel myconvento during the start-up phase?

We offer you a simple unsubscribe option directly on the start page.

3. What restrictions are there during the start-up phase?

You can only send a serial e-mail to a maximum of 100 recipients at the same time. In addition, data cannot be exported from pressbase. DACH topic plans and worldwide data are also not available.

4. How and when do I receive my invoices?

We usually only send invoices as PDF files by e-mail, unless you have expressly specified delivery by letter when placing your order.

You will receive the first invoice at the start of your subscription after the end of the start phase. We will then invoice your subscription until the end of the year.

Further subscription invoices will then be sent at the beginning of the following calendar year. You will receive invoices for shipments or volume consumption at the beginning of the following month for the previous month.

5. Can I specify a separate billing address?

Of course you can.

6. Who manages my subscription?

With your order you name the so-called "license manager". This person manages your subscription, i.e. determines the number of "Named Users" and the other scope of services and changes them again if necessary.

7. How can I extend, reduce or cancel my subscription?

The license manager does this in the "Subscription" section. Here he can change the scope of the license or cancel the subscription. Please note that reductions only take effect at the start of the next calendar year.

8. Can I add other affiliated companies to the subscription?

Any affiliated company can access your subscription. But even if you only have a business relationship, for example with an agency, and want to access shared data, sharing is possible as part of your myconvento account. Please note, however, that there is only one invoice recipient and responsible license manager and administrator.

9. Is there support for importing my previous data?

myconvento offers an easy-to-use import wizard. This makes it easy to import address lists from Excel. If you also need to import contact notes, we will be happy to make you a service offer for this.

IV. Administration in myconvento

1. Can I see what storage and shipping volume we have already used?

This can be seen at any time on the myconvento home screen. You can see the monthly consumption and the total consumption. In addition, myconvento shows you the volume of a completed shipping order.

2. Who takes care of the user rights and how do you set them?

The license manager appoints an administrator. This person sets up the users and their rights and takes care of creating the shipping accounts (sender addresses, etc.) The license manager and administrator are often one and the same person.

3. Can I change the language of the user interface, and how?

Yes, you can switch between German and English at any time. To do this, set the default language in each user's account. This will then remain the language of the user interface even after logging out.

4. Can I create multiple sender accounts? What is possible?

You can create any sender accounts and assign them to your users. However, it is advisable that you ensure sufficient authorization. The SPF procedure and the so-called DKIM procedure come into question here. You can find details on this in the white paper "Professional e-mail dispatch with myconvento".

V. Service and Support

1. How can I contact the myconvento helpdesk?

We offer chat support, which you can start from the myconvento homepage. You will find the function behind the first aid icon (SERVICE and SUPPORT).

2. Is there online help and what does it offer?

Yes, in German and English. This explains and describes the typical work steps and can be opened from any location in myconvento.

3. What are the response times and service times?

Our business hours are from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., Monday-Friday, but not on public holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia. If necessary, you can book support from us outside these hours, for example in the run-up to important mailings.

Response times depend on the severity of the error. 

4. What happens if the system does go down? What downtimes have there been in the past?

In this very unlikely event, we have set up a malfunction page on which we regularly inform you about the status of the work. We have only needed this page twice in the last 12 years. The downtime was less than 3 hours on each occasion.

5. How can I get an even better level of support?

We are happy to offer you the "Premium Support" service. Authorized users can call our service during our business hours. You will also be called back if necessary.

6. How can I order further training courses? What is available?

Simply send an e-mail to or use the chat support. We will call you back.

VI. Technical questions

1. What minimum hardware and software equipment do I have?

myconvento runs on all commercially available and reasonably up-to-date end devices. These include smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

2. Which browsers can I use?

In principle, you can use any standard browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. However, please make sure you have the latest version.

3. Can I connect myconvento with my Office programs?

You can export distribution lists, mailing recipients or subscriber lists to Excel. This also provides you with the recipients of your serial letters or serial labels. You then link your template for a letter or label with the downloaded data at your workstation.

You can import your e-mail correspondence into myconvento and thus document and archive it with your contact person. myconvento connects to your e-mail server via the IMAP protocol. We use the same technology here that is used by tablets and smartphones to access the e-mail account.

If you want to write a letter to your contact person, transfer address and salutation data from myconvento to your Word document via the clipboard. Word templates can be stored in the media library for shared use within the team. Finally, finished Word documents can be uploaded back to the contact person's data record.

4. What does myconvento do to ensure that my dispatch orders arrive?

We offer the SPF and DKIM authorization procedures. In addition, myconvento offers complete transparency regarding the delivery rate and delivery success of individual recipients, blacklisting and the user-friendly and simple correction of undeliverable emails ("bounced mail handling").

VII. Questions about the scope of services

1. What is the difference between standard and premium dispatch?

With premium dispatch, we guarantee prioritized delivery, usually within a few minutes. Detailed evaluation options for delivery and opening rates are also available here.

Premium dispatch also enables the creation of mailings and newsletters with the help of a convenient drag & drop editor, as well as the transfer of Word documents to HTML and mailings with embedded pictures in HTML.

With standard dispatch, your order is always processed after a premium order, provided there is one at the same time. Delivery and opening rates are only evaluated on a flat-rate basis.

2. What is the pressbase based on?

Originally, "pressbase DACH" was based on an extended version of "Stamm Impressum", the most comprehensive media database in the German-speaking world. We have expanded this to include "Media Intelligence", in which we analyze and classify several 100,000 news articles every day.

We identify their authors and enrich the media and author database with findings from these analyses. The result is a research system that enables you to search in a unique way for precisely those influencers and authors who are demonstrably interested in your specific topic.

The "pressbase world" also offers a combination of an established database (this time Zimpel International) and comprehensive analysis of worldwide English-language articles. You will find exactly the right contacts for your communication in English and German-speaking countries (and in the foreseeable future also in other language areas).

3. What volume should I expect for data hosting?

If you do not set up a media library and do not integrate clipping scans, you can usually manage with the standard volume of 1 GB. With a media library and clippings, the customer database can grow to several GB over time. We charge 5 euros per additional GB per month for data hosting. You can find an indication of the volume actually used at any time on the myconvento start screen. If you require a larger volume, we will be happy to make you a special offer.