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Our histo­ry



  • of Con­ven­to GmbH by Rai­ner Maassen
  • we com­ple­ted the first solu­ti­on for com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on pro­fes­sio­nals. We cal­led it “Con­ven­to pr-contact”
1995 – 2010
Fur­ther development
  • „Con­ven­to pr-cont­act” con­tin­ued to evol­ve, initi­al­ly as a client/server solu­ti­on at the cus­to­mer, later also via the Inter­net and as a sub­scrip­ti­on model. More than 5000 users in about 750 com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­ti­ons have used Con­ven­to pr-contact.
as a cloud solution
  • we began to deve­lop a new, modern cloud solu­ti­on based on our fif­teen years of indus­try expe­ri­ence. The sys­tem should be user-fri­end­ly and func­tion­al. Cus­to­mers should be able to obtain it direct­ly from our ser­vers in Ger­ma­ny via the Internet
  • 2013the first gene­ra­ti­on of the cloud solu­ti­on was rea­dy for the mar­ket. Alre­a­dy in the first year, mycon­ven­to con­vin­ced over 200 com­pa­nies with more than 2000 users. And new user com­pa­nies are joi­ning us every week. So mycon­ven­to is one of the lea­ding PR manage­ment sys­tems in the ger­man-spea­king market.
mycon­ven­to goes responsiv
  • the second edi­ti­on of mycon­ven­to („mycon­ven­to SE”) under­pins our cla­im to offer the best solu­ti­on on the mar­ket. Just like sin­ce 1994. A new, modern user inter­face in „respon­si­ve design” ensu­res that mycon­ven­to runs in all brow­sers and on all end devices: desk­top PCs, tablets and smartphones

Big Data and
Arti­fi­ci­al Intelligence

  • we released the new modu­le: press­ba­se PLUS. By ana­ly­sing any reacha­ble online and prin­ted artic­le, we search for its wri­ter to iden­ti­fy the top Influen­cer, who is the per­fect cont­act for your press-release and your mes­sa­ges suc­cess. Now you will find the­se per­fect cont­acs by using Big Data and Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence – no more needs to trust in your gut instinct. 

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