Your com­plete pr-man­age­ment sys­tem

Nutzen Sie die sep­ar­aten Arbeits­bereiche in der Kom­munika­tion in einem integ­rier­ten PR Man­age­ment Sys­tem.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

The idea behind mycon­vento: We take pre­vi­ously sep­ar­ate com­mu­nic­a­tion tasks and com­bine them into an integ­rated PR man­age­ment sys­tem. A metic­u­lously organ­ised data base with auto­mated work­flows makes light work of routine tasks and so effect­ively reduces your work­load. The mod­ern and intu­it­ive user inter­face adapts to your sys­tem, mak­ing your job simply more fun.

Neatly con­sol­id­ated and yet mod­u­lar in use: This is the mycon­vento PR Man­age­ment Suite.


Your con­tent deserves prop­er man­age­ment.

Com­bine your texts with images, videos and pod­casts, select­ing from the vari­ous mul­ti­me­dia ele­ments stored in the mycon­vento media centre.

Spread your con­tent across dif­fer­ent social media chan­nels, web­sites and news portals with just a few mouse clicks. The mycon­vento tem­plates let you cre­ate, with­in minutes, a pro­fes­sion­al look­ing and eleg­ant press sec­tion for your web­site.


Per­son­al con­nec­tions are only bad for those who don’t have them.

Fos­ter­ing con­nec­tions with rel­ev­ant con­tacts is the “must have” in Com­mu­nic­a­tion – also in the era of social media. Here you build the base that allows you to appeal dir­ectly to your tar­get audi­ence and optim­ise the effect of your news.

The unique mycon­vento role concept gives you a com­pre­hens­ive over­view of your con­tacts in whatever capa­city, ensur­ing that you won’t miss any import­ant detail.


You simply can’t know every­one.

mycon­vento helps you find poten­tial influ­en­cers for your con­tent. Our sol­id research data­base lists media, journ­al­ists and blog­gers in the D/A/CH region (Ger­many, Aus­tria and Switzer­land) and option­ally world­wide.

And if you want to know ahead of time which media plan to cov­er your key top­ics, we can provide you with care­fully researched FOR­WARD FEA­TURES for the Ger­man-speak­ing region.


Sent does not mean received, much less read.

E‑mail is still the hot­line to journ­al­ists and blog­gers. But will Out­look or Notes do?

A pro­fes­sion­al dis­patch sys­tem such as mycon­vento offers many advant­ages here. From data secur­ity to guar­an­teed deliv­ery, we’ve got it covered.

Cam­paigns & Events

Invite without hassle, organ­ise without stress.

Cre­ate dis­tri­bu­tion lists, send out invit­a­tions, pro­cess returns – mycon­vento enhances the coordin­a­tion of all activ­it­ies, provid­ing you with an integ­rated and smooth work­flow.

Use “drag and drop” to draw up a regis­tra­tion form, link it to your e‑mail invit­a­tion, and seam­lessly trans­fer par­ti­cipants and respon­ders to your con­tact man­age­ment plat­form.


If you can´t meas­ure it, you can´t man­age it.

You want to com­mu­nic­ate suc­cess­fully. But what cri­ter­ia are cru­cial for suc­cess?

mycon­vento meas­ures the qual­ity of your pro­cesses and data, and provides stat­ist­ics that help you track your suc­cess and improve your com­mu­nic­a­tion activ­it­ies.

ready to revo­lu­tion­ize your com­mu­nic­a­tion?

Now …

Cus­tom­er Quotes

As a full-ser­vice com­mu­nic­a­tions agency, we sup­port our cli­ents in stra­tegic and oper­a­tion­al mat­ters. We use mycon­vento for press and media rela­tions – this tool enables us to man­age media, journ­al­ists, press dis­tri­bu­tion lists and mail­ing orders for a large num­ber of nation­al and inter­na­tion­al cus­tom­ers. The research, export or report­ing func­tions allow a really tar­geted approach.

Bene­dict Rehbein

Man­aging Part­ner, pion­eer com­mu­nic­a­tions GmbH

From here, the region­al pub­lic rela­tions of six loc­a­tions are cent­rally coordin­ated. So we cov­er all south­ern Bav­aria. Thanks to mycon­vento I keep the over­view and know exactly what hap­pens where. In addi­tion, I can be sure that the press releases will arrive.

Ker­stin Koch

Head of Cor­por­ate Com­mu­nic­a­tions, ADAC Driv­ing Safety Cen­ters in South­ern Bav­aria

We have been work­ing suc­cess­fully with Con­vento for a long time, and we are really sat­is­fied. Par­tic­u­larly import­ant for us is the reli­able dis­patch of press releases as well as the pre­par­a­tion of our response ana­lyses. The cloud solu­tion mycon­vento makes our work even more flex­ible and offers us more fea­tures which we will use in the future.

Rein­hard Scheiler

Head of Edit­or­i­al Depart­ment Com­mu­nic­a­tion Ser­vices, Evonik Indus­tries AG



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