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How our customers use myconvento

Case 1

A big European television channel who is also a digital entertainment provider uses myconvento on his own server and with his own database in the myconvento data center (“hosted appliance”). We have developped a “press lounge” for interested journalists to directly subscribe on the company’s website. Special journalist requests are automatically shown in the distribution lists of the myconvento system which is an important base for an accurate and individual service for every media representative. Furthermore, the Media Group organizes events (Annual Press Conference, quarterly reports, press conferences and road shows) via the myconvento campaign module. Various departments maintain different contact partners. The myconvento client management separates these target groups so that each user group can work with its own data.

Case 2

Our biggest international client is a pan-European multinational organisation which works successfully and transparently in five countries on a uniform English interface with a uniform database. Addresses are maintained individually within the different countries. Mailings are however mainly effected from one location where the central quality control of the contact management takes place as well.

Case 3

A retail group with more than 60 years of company history is also one of our myconvento customers. The company runs a large number of own stores and thousands of depots in specialty and food shops. Online shops in Germany and abroad are also part of the group. Regarding myconvento, the users focus on product PR and sales-supporting PR. Hundreds of mailings of different sizes are effected with myconvento.

Case 4

One of the big charity and aid organisations in Germany belongs to our customers. The non-profit organisation is engaged in diverse social and charitable areas and is represented by nearly 300 regional, district and local associations throughout the country. myconvento does not only help to serve media and journalists but also to maintain the internal data and addresses of more than 14,000 full-time employees. myconvento manages the association members who are regularly informed about internal news. The client management is used here as well: Different regional organisations access their own individual data to be maintained by themselves. Internal data (association members) and external data (media and journalists) can thus be clearly separated.

Case 5

For a large DAX group, we connected the inhouse Content Management System with myconvento. All press releases, images and texts created or uploaded in myconvento automatically feed the company’s website, which is particularly convenient. Mailings and the publication on the website are thus effected at the same time and in one step.

Case 6

A large theme and adventure park uses the comfortable myconvento connection to the inhouse press lounge: journalists can subscribe for different topics and their data are then assigned to the corresponding distribution lists in myconvento. At the same time, the contact data are created or updated – including a previous check, if duplicates or data updates are concerned. This also works vice versa: if journalists want to unsubscribe, their data are removed from the database after a previous check. myconvento thus manages the central address management on a large scale all around events, entertainment and information transfer.

Case 7

A global service company of the real-estate industry intensely uses the myconvento clipmanager for media monitoring: Press clippings are uploaded by a big media observer. Further articles are entered into the Clipmanager by the company itself. The articles are categorised and evaluated according to individual criteria (qualitatively and quantitatively). Further processing allows to distribute press reviews and to create elaborated media analyses.

Case 8

For an established automobile manufacturer, myconvento developed a “test car maintenance” the company has now successfully been working with for years. It is connected with the inhouse journalists database and maintained by the press department. Its employees can thus schedule and manage the lending of test cars to interested journalists. A calendar feature always shows, which car has been lend to whom and when it will be available again. A sophisticated order management, a reminder function and extensive reporting possibilities round out the system.

Case 9

A Swiss insurance group uses myconvento for an effective management of requests from interested media representatives and further multipliers. The recording of enquirers incl. check for duplicates, the contact notes as well as the forwarding function and resubmission are effected quickly and easily in one working step. This guarantees that no requests get lost or are responded delayed any more.

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