Case Studies

How our customers use myconvento

Case 1

Broadcast Company

A big European tele­vi­sion chan­nel who is also a digit­al enter­tain­ment pro­vider uses mycon­vento on his own serv­er and with his own data­base in the mycon­vento data cen­ter (“hos­ted appli­ance”). We have developped a “press lounge” for inter­ested journ­al­ists to dir­ectly sub­scribe on the company’s web­site. Spe­cial journ­al­ist requests are auto­mat­ic­ally shown in the dis­tri­bu­tion lists of the mycon­vento sys­tem which is an import­ant base for an accur­ate and indi­vidu­al ser­vice for every media rep­res­ent­at­ive. Fur­ther­more, the Media Group organ­izes events (Annu­al Press Con­fer­ence, quarterly reports, press con­fer­ences and road shows) via the mycon­vento cam­paign mod­ule. Vari­ous depart­ments main­tain dif­fer­ent con­tact part­ners. The mycon­vento cli­ent man­age­ment sep­ar­ates these tar­get groups so that each user group can work with its own data.

Case 2

Multinational Organisation

Our biggest inter­na­tion­al cli­ent is a pan-European mul­tina­tion­al organ­isa­tion which works suc­cess­fully and trans­par­ently in five coun­tries on a uni­form Eng­lish inter­face with a uni­form data­base. Addresses are main­tained indi­vidu­ally with­in the dif­fer­ent coun­tries. Mail­ings are how­ever mainly effected from one loc­a­tion where the cent­ral qual­ity con­trol of the con­tact man­age­ment takes place as well.

Case 3

Trading Company

A retail group with more than 60 years of com­pany his­tory is also one of our mycon­vento cus­tom­ers. The com­pany runs a large num­ber of own stores and thou­sands of depots in spe­cialty and food shops. Online shops in Ger­many and abroad are also part of the group. Regard­ing mycon­vento, the users focus on product PR and sales-sup­port­ing PR. Hun­dreds of mail­ings of dif­fer­ent sizes are effected with myconvento.

Case 4


One of the big char­ity and aid organ­isa­tions in Ger­many belongs to our cus­tom­ers. The non-profit organ­isa­tion is engaged in diverse social and char­it­able areas and is rep­res­en­ted by nearly 300 region­al, dis­trict and loc­al asso­ci­ations through­out the coun­try. mycon­vento does not only help to serve media and journ­al­ists but also to main­tain the intern­al data and addresses of more than 14,000 full-time employ­ees. mycon­vento man­ages the asso­ci­ation mem­bers who are reg­u­larly informed about intern­al news. The cli­ent man­age­ment is used here as well: Dif­fer­ent region­al organ­isa­tions access their own indi­vidu­al data to be main­tained by them­selves. Intern­al data (asso­ci­ation mem­bers) and extern­al data (media and journ­al­ists) can thus be clearly separated.


Case 5

Stock-listed Company

For a large DAX group, we con­nec­ted the inhouse Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem with mycon­vento. All press releases, images and texts cre­ated or uploaded in mycon­vento auto­mat­ic­ally feed the company’s web­site, which is par­tic­u­larly con­veni­ent. Mail­ings and the pub­lic­a­tion on the web­site are thus effected at the same time and in one step.


Case 6

Amusement park

A large theme and adven­ture park uses the com­fort­able mycon­vento con­nec­tion to the inhouse press lounge: journ­al­ists can sub­scribe for dif­fer­ent top­ics and their data are then assigned to the cor­res­pond­ing dis­tri­bu­tion lists in mycon­vento. At the same time, the con­tact data are cre­ated or updated – includ­ing a pre­vi­ous check, if duplic­ates or data updates are con­cerned. This also works vice versa: if journ­al­ists want to unsub­scribe, their data are removed from the data­base after a pre­vi­ous check. mycon­vento thus man­ages the cent­ral address man­age­ment on a large scale all around events, enter­tain­ment and inform­a­tion transfer.

Case 7

Real Estate

A glob­al ser­vice com­pany of the real-estate industry intensely uses the mycon­vento clip­man­ager for media mon­it­or­ing: Press clip­pings are uploaded by a big media observ­er. Fur­ther art­icles are entered into the Clip­man­ager by the com­pany itself. The art­icles are cat­egor­ised and eval­u­ated accord­ing to indi­vidu­al cri­ter­ia (qual­it­at­ively and quant­it­at­ively). Fur­ther pro­cessing allows to dis­trib­ute press reviews and to cre­ate elab­or­ated media analyses.

Case 8

Automobile manufacturer

For an estab­lished auto­mobile man­u­fac­turer, mycon­vento developed a “test car main­ten­ance” the com­pany has now suc­cess­fully been work­ing with for years. It is con­nec­ted with the inhouse journ­al­ists data­base and main­tained by the press depart­ment. Its employ­ees can thus sched­ule and man­age the lend­ing of test cars to inter­ested journ­al­ists. A cal­en­dar fea­ture always shows, which car has been lend to whom and when it will be avail­able again. A soph­ist­ic­ated order man­age­ment, a remind­er func­tion and extens­ive report­ing pos­sib­il­it­ies round out the system.

Case 9

Insurance group

A Swiss insur­ance group uses mycon­vento for an effect­ive man­age­ment of requests from inter­ested media rep­res­ent­at­ives and fur­ther mul­ti­pli­ers. The record­ing of enquirers incl. check for duplic­ates, the con­tact notes as well as the for­ward­ing func­tion and resub­mis­sion are effected quickly and eas­ily in one work­ing step. This guar­an­tees that no requests get lost or are respon­ded delayed any more.

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