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PR Management Suite

15 days free start­ing phase. 2 GB stor­age space. No set up- or install­a­tion fee. Import your con­tacts, search for your rel­ev­ant con­tact part­ners and start your first mail­ing. 

Ready to start – Order, wait for activ­a­tion and just start.

Details and Prices

1 User

50EURO /Month

option­al Cli­ent-Man­age­ment

10EURO /Month

up to 5 Users

150EURO /Month

option­al Cli­ent-Man­age­ment

50EURO /Month

up to 10 Users

300EURO /Month

option­al Cli­ent-Man­age­ment

100EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

200EURO /Month

option­al Cli­ent-Man­age­ment

50EURO /Month

Main functions

CRM (Contacts)

Power­ful con­tact and rela­tion­ship man­age­ment for the main­ten­ance of your import­ant per­son­al con­tacts.

360°-present­a­tion of every per­son: roles, func­tions, con­tact his­tory, dis­tri­bu­tion lists.

The included work­flow auto­ma­tion and con­nectiv­ity to MS Office raise your work­ing effi­ciency and data qual­ity to a new level.


Pro­fes­sion­al e‑mail mar­ket­ing­tool.

Delayed plan­ning of mail­ings, com­bin­a­tion of dif­fer­ent tar­get groups, mail­ing archive, suc­cess con­trol with deliv­ery, open­ing and click rates.

Fur­ther pro­fes­sion­al fea­tures: arbit­rary sender addresses, dis­patch in sev­er­al lan­guages, flex­ible deliv­ery meth­ods, fast pro­cessing of undeliv­er­able e‑mails and a power­ful HTML edit­or.


Pro­duce and pub­lish your news using state-of-the-art tech­no­logy.

Use work­flows for text cre­ation and text release, also mul­ti­lin­gual. Then pub­lish your con­tent in the press area of your web­site in the desired “look and feel”.From the news­room, you sim­ul­tan­eously play it into the most import­ant social media chan­nels and send it per e-mail if required.

Campaigns & Events

Organ­ize events and con­duct online sur­veys without hav­ing to ask your IT for help.

Invit­a­tion to events with online regis­tra­tion form. Dir­ect pro­cessing of respon­ders and non-responders. Par­ti­cip­a­tion man­age­ment and qual­i­fic­a­tion of dis­tri­bu­tion lists.

Press portal

Improve the vis­ib­il­ity of your latest news on Google and oth­er search engines without addi­tion­al costs by pub­lish­ing your mes­sages also in the mycon­vento press portal.


What has been, what will come, who is import­ant?

mycon­vento provides the answer.Under the name „press­base” we com­bine dif­fer­ent data sources in an intel­li­gent way andmake the res­ults right away usable for your work. For us, „PR Intel­li­gence” is a prac­tic­alsolu­tion.

pressbase DACH

1 User

150EURO /Month

up to 5 Users

200EURO /Month

up to 10 Users

250EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

50EURO /Month

pressbase PLUS

1 to 10 Users

200EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

50EURO /Month

pressbase WORLD

Com­pan­ies and Organ­isa­tions*

1 User

300EURO /Month

each added User

65EURO /Month

pressbase WORLD

(incl. 5 Users)**

1 to 5 Cli­ents

450EURO /Month

6 to 10 Cli­ents

500EURO /Month

11 to 20 Cli­ents

600EURO /Month

21 to 30 Cli­ents

700EURO /Month


pressbase DACH

Extens­ive media and journ­al­ist data­base about Ger­many, Aus­tria and Switzer­land, GDPR com­pli­ant and estab­lished for dec­ades. Search for more than 1000 top­ics, by edit­or­i­al depart­ments, media type and dis­tri­bu­tion area and select by cir­cu­la­tion, page vis­its or oth­er media data.

Fil­ter your res­ults for per­sons, media or pub­lish­ers and use the hit lists directly for your mail­ings. A few fig­ures: press­base DACH offers approx. 16,000 pub­lish­ers, 32,000 media, 70,000 people, 1400 blogs and over 1000 top­ics and sub­top­ics.

pressbase PLUS

Which author is inter­ested in my com­pany, my product, my top­ic or my industry? Who writes for the com­pet­i­tion? Who and which medi­um is par­tic­u­larly rel­ev­ant for me due to their pub­lic­a­tions? How suc­cess­ful am I with my mail­ings and events?

These ques­tions will be answered by press­base PLUS. We com­bine the media data­base with all pub­lished online art­icles. Option­ally expand­able to include the most import­ant print art­icles. You can then address your TOP authors dir­ectly (if known to us) or main­tain them in your own data­base.

pressbase WORLD

Media and journ­al­ists from approx. 180 coun­tries out­side DACH. The data­base con­tains approx. 160,000 media, 750,000 per­sons and 1700 search­able top­ics. Cur­rent data deliv­ery through con­nec­tion via REST API.

New: Search for „Who writes about me, my top­ic, my product or my industry”. For press­base DACH users, use is simple: the user inter­face and mail­ing work­flows are the same as for press­base DACH.

Forwards Features DACH

Integ­ra­tion of the planned spe­cial top­ics in the DACH region (Top­ic Pro). The top­ic plans provide you with an over­view of which media will report on your top­ic in the near future.

Here you get the chance to offer your con­tent to the edit­or­i­al staff and thus get a pub­lic­a­tion.

Data­base: Over 120,000 planned edit­or­i­al top­ics. Includ­ing con­tact per­sons, media data and media pro­files.

E‑Mail Dispatch + Reports


E‑Mail DISPATCH + Reports 

2 GB per month free, per star­ted GB above



E-Mail Dispatch + Reports

each star­tedGB per month



Premium support

each author­iz­a­tion of a user


Ask for further Services

online webinars

on-site user train­ings

cre­ation of tem­plate

data integ­ra­tion

sup­port for mail­ing order

main­ten­ance of dis­tri­bu­tion lists

campaign man­age­ment

address qual­i­fic­a­tion

ready to revolutionize your communication?

Now …

PR Man­age­ment Suite
You sub­scribe for par­tic­u­larly registered users (named users) in the user gradu­ations 1-5–10-20-30-40-50 etc. 2 GB web space free of charge, plus 5 Euro per addi­tion­ally star­ted GB and month. The stand­ard e-mail dis­patch is free of charge up to a monthly dis­patch volume of 2 GB. If you need the fast­est pos­sible deliv­ery and indi­vidu­al eval­u­ations, we recom­mend Premi­um dis­patch.


Start­ing phase
In the first 15 days (start­ing phase) you can use mycon­vento free of charge. The func­tions are par­tially restric­ted, we how­ever offer free Premi­um Sup­port. You see the remain­ing time of the start­ing phase which may be ter­min­ated at any time with only one click or switch to the paid sub­scrip­tion in order to work unres­trictedly. After 15 days this will start auto­mat­ic­ally. Now the sub­scrip­tion can be ter­min­ated with a peri­od of notice of three months for the end of the cal­en­dar year.


Kick­off Webin­ar
In the start­ing phase we offer a free online kick off work­shop. The top­ics are based on your needs. Basic top­ics are the struc­ture of your con­tact data base, the exe­cu­tion of a dis­patch order and the user admin­is­tra­tion. 


Premi­um Dis­patch
Our Premi­um Dis­patch offers the pri­or­it­ized deliv­ery of your orders with­in a few minutes from the start of your mail­ing and an avail­ab­il­ity of 99.5% through­out the year. We invoice the dis­patch volume on a monthly basis. In months without use no costs will arise. On your mycon­vento start page you can find at any time the cur­rently con­sumed dis­patch volume for the present month. Premi­um Dis­patch also offers indi­vidu­al­ized dis­patch eval­u­ations, the trans­fer of Word files to HTML and „embed­ded pictures” in the HTML body. Details can be found in our white­pa­per „E-Mail dis­patch with mycon­vento”:


Premi­um Sup­port
mycon­vento provides an extens­ive online help, free chat sup­port as well as free troubleshoot­ing by phone in case of any prob­lems. Premi­um Sup­port also offers unlim­ited tele­phone sup­port dur­ing Con­vento busi­ness hours (8.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. on NRW bus­iness days). Book­able for every author­ized user.


You will receive your invoices by e-mail as a PDF doc­u­ment or option­ally (for a small sur­charge) by let­ter. After the end of the 15-day start­ing phase and with the start of the paid sub­scrip­tion, mycon­vento will issue the first invoice for the sub­scrip­tion by the end of the year. You will then receive your sub­scrip­tion invoice at the begin­ning of each year for the com­ing cal­en­dar year. Vari­able, user-depend­ent costs (e.g. premi­um dis­patch) and ser­vices are charged monthly for the past month.

Price list val­id for all new cus­tom­er orders from April 2019. All prices in Euro plus VAT. The GTC for mycon­vento as well as the Order Data Pro­cessing Contract and the Data Pro­tec­tion Policy of Con­vento GmbH apply. Prices are sub­ject to change without notice. The can­cel­la­tion peri­od for sub­scrip­tions and exten­sions is three months to the end of the year.

* press­base WORLD for Com­pan­ies is the licens­ing of organ­iz­a­tions com­mu­nicatinginter­na­tion­ally them­selves. This is effected in steps of 1 accord­ing to the num­ber of users.
**Press­base WORLD for Agen­cies is our licens­ingmod­el for agen­cies. Here, always 5 users are author­ized, and the costs depend on the num­ber of end cus­tom­ersof the agency for which the WORLD data­base is used. With­in mycon­vento, you can define which users haveexpli­cit access to the data. Access means research with­in the data and using the research res­ults for dis­patchjobs. The Terms and Condi­tions of our sup­pli­er Agil­ity apply to the use of the data


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