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PR Management Suite

15 days free starting phase. 2 GB storage space. No set up- or installation fee. Import your contacts, search for your relevant contact partners and start your first mailing. 

Ready to start – Order, wait for activation and just start.


Details and Prices

1 User

50EURO /Month

optional Client-Management

10EURO /Month

up to 5 Users

150EURO /Month

optional Client-Management

50EURO /Month

up to 10 Users

300EURO /Month

optional Client-Management

100EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

200EURO /Month

optional Client-Management

50EURO /Month

Main functions

CRM (Contacts)

Powerful contact and relationship management for the maintenance of your important personal contacts.

360°presentation of every person: roles, functions, contact history, distribution lists.

The included workflow automation and connectivity to MS Office raise your working efficiency and data quality to a new level.


Professional e-mail marketingtool.

Delayed planning of mailings, combination of different target groups, mailing archive, success control with delivery, opening and click rates.

Further professional features: arbitrary sender addresses, dispatch in several languages, flexible delivery methods, fast processing of undeliverable e-mails and a powerful HTML editor.


Produce and publish your news using state-of-the-art technology.

Use workflows for text creation and text release, also multilingual. Then publish your content in the press area of your website in the desired “look and feel”.From the newsroom, you simultaneously play it into the most important social media channels and send it per email if required.

Campaigns & Events

Organize events and conduct online surveys without having to ask your IT for help.

Invitation to events with online registration form. Direct processing of responders and non-responders. Participation management and qualification of distribution lists.

Press portal

Improve the visibility of your latest news on Google and other search engines without additional costs by publishing your messages also in the myconvento press portal.


What has been, what will come, who is important?

myconvento provides the answer.Under the name “pressbase” we combine different data sources in an intelligent way andmake the results right away usable for your work. For us, “PR Intelligence” is a practicalsolution.

pressbase DACH

1 User

150EURO /Month

up to 5 Users

200EURO /Month

up to 10 Users

250EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

50EURO /Month

pressbase PLUS

1 to 10 Users

200EURO /Month

each add. 10 Users

50EURO /Month

pressbase WORLD

Companies and Organisations*

1 User

300EURO /Month

each added User

65EURO /Month

pressbase WORLD

(incl. 5 Users)**

1 to 5 Clients

450EURO /Month

6 to 10 Clients

500EURO /Month

11 to 20 Clients

600EURO /Month

21 to 30 Clients

700EURO /Month


pressbase DACH

Extensive media and journalist database about Germany, Austria and Switzerland, GDPR compliant and established for decades. Search for more than 1000 topics, by editorial departments, media type and distribution area and select by circulation, page visits or other media data.

Filter your results for persons, media or publishers and use the hit lists directly for your mailings. A few figures: pressbase DACH offers approx. 16,000 publishers, 32,000 media, 70,000 people, 1400 blogs and over 1000 topics and subtopics.

pressbase PLUS

Which author is interested in my company, my product, my topic or my industry? Who writes for the competition? Who and which medium is particularly relevant for me due to their publications? How successful am I with my mailings and events?

These questions will be answered by pressbase PLUS. We combine the media database with all published online articles. Optionally expandable to include the most important print articles. You can then address your TOP authors directly (if known to us) or maintain them in your own database.

pressbase WORLD

Media and journalists from approx. 180 countries outside DACH. The database contains approx. 160,000 media, 750,000 persons and 1700 searchable topics. Current data delivery through connection via REST API.

New: Search for “Who writes about me, my topic, my product or my industry”. For pressbase DACH users, use is simple: the user interface and mailing workflows are the same as for pressbase DACH.

Forwards Features DACH

Integration of the planned special topics in the DACH region (Topic Pro). The topic plans provide you with an overview of which media will report on your topic in the near future.

Here you get the chance to offer your content to the editorial staff and thus get a publication.

Database: Over 120,000 planned editorial topics. Including contact persons, media data and media profiles.

E-Mail Dispatch + Reports


E-Mail DISPATCH + Reports 

2 GB per month free, per started GB above



EMail Dispatch + Reports

each startedGB per month



Premium support

each authorization of a user


Ask for further Services

online webinars

onsite user trainings

creation of template

data integration

support for mailing order

maintenance of distribution lists

campaign management

address qualification

ready to revolutionize your communication?

Now ...

PR Management Suite
You subscribe for particularly registered users (named users) in the user graduations 1-5-10-20-30-40-50 etc. 2 GB web space free of charge, plus 5 Euro per additionally started GB and month. The standard e-mail dispatch is free of charge up to a monthly dispatch volume of 2 GB. If you need the fastest possible delivery and individual evaluations, we recommend Premium dispatch.


Starting phase
In the first 15 days (starting phase) you can use myconvento free of charge. The functions are partially restricted, we however offer free Premium Support. You see the remaining time of the starting phase which may be terminated at any time with only one click or switch to the paid subscription in order to work unrestrictedly. After 15 days this will start automatically. Now the subscription can be terminated with a period of notice of three months for the end of the calendar year.


Kickoff Webinar
In the starting phase we offer a free online kick off workshop. The topics are based on your needs. Basic topics are the structure of your contact data base, the execution of a dispatch order and the user administration. 


Premium Dispatch
Our Premium Dispatch offers the prioritized delivery of your orders within a few minutes from the start of your mailing and an availability of 99.5% throughout the year. We invoice the dispatch volume on a monthly basis. In months without use no costs will arise. On your myconvento start page you can find at any time the currently consumed dispatch volume for the present month. Premium Dispatch also offers individualized dispatch evaluations, the transfer of Word files to HTML and “embedded pictures” in the HTML body. Details can be found in our whitepaper “E-Mail dispatch with myconvento”:


Premium Support
myconvento provides an extensive online help, free chat support as well as free troubleshooting by phone in case of any problems. Premium Support also offers unlimited telephone support during Convento business hours (8.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. on NRW business days). Bookable for every authorized user.


You will receive your invoices by e-mail as a PDF document or optionally (for a small surcharge) by letter. After the end of the 15-day starting phase and with the start of the paid subscription, myconvento will issue the first invoice for the subscription by the end of the year. You will then receive your subscription invoice at the beginning of each year for the coming calendar year. Variable, user-dependent costs (e.g. premium dispatch) and services are charged monthly for the past month.

Price list valid for all new customer orders from April 2019. All prices in Euro plus VAT. The GTC for myconvento as well as the Order Data Processing Contract and the Data Protection Policy of Convento GmbH apply. Prices are subject to change without notice. The cancellation period for subscriptions and extensions is three months to the end of the year.

* pressbase WORLD for Companies is the licensing of organizations communicatinginternationally themselves. This is effected in steps of 1 according to the number of users.
**Pressbase WORLD for Agencies is our licensingmodel for agencies. Here, always 5 users are authorized, and the costs depend on the number of end customersof the agency for which the WORLD database is used. Within myconvento, you can define which users haveexplicit access to the data. Access means research within the data and using the research results for dispatchjobs. The Terms and Conditions of our supplier Agility apply to the use of the data


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