General Terms & Conditions

1. Offer and Sup­ply
These Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions shall apply to all offers, sup­plies and ser­vices relat­ing to the mycon­vento product of Con­vento GmbH, here­after referred to as Con­vento. By pla­cing an order or oth­er­wise request­ing to pur­chase products from Con­vento and upon sub­sequent activ­a­tion by us, the cus­tom­er shall be deemed to have accep­ted these Terms and Con­di­tions. Their cur­rent ver­sion may be viewed online at any time on the mycon­vento homepage at devi­ation from these Terms and Con­di­tions of Pur­chase shall not be val­id unless con­firmed in writ­ing by us.

Unless oth­er­wise agreed, writ­ten offers shall be bind­ing with­in thirty days from deliv­ery. Oral agree­ments shall not be effect­ive unless con­firmed in writ­ing. Claims for com­pens­at­ory dam­ages due to non-per­form­ance or default in deliv­ery may be asser­ted only where the same are based on gross neg­li­gence or malice afore­thought com­mit­ted by us or our vicari­ous agents.
mycon­vento shall be avail­able imme­di­ately after order­ing and sub­sequent activ­a­tion by us. Billing will be based on the start date of the sub­scrip­tion indic­ated in the order and the scope of ser­vices ordered.
When order­ing ser­vices, we agree to offer a date with­in 45 days from receipt of the order. In return, we shall be entitled to bill the con­trac­ted ser­vices after 45 days, regard­less of com­pleted per­form­ance. We reserve the right to par­tial per­form­ance and bill accordingly.

2. Com­mence­ment and Term of the Sub­scrip­tion Con­tract
A sub­scrip­tion begins with a 15-day start-up phase. Dur­ing this time, mycon­vento may be used free of charge, although with cer­tain restric­tions (see descrip­tion under „Details and Prices” at These Terms and Con­di­tions also apply to the start-up phase. Dur­ing this time, users are not per­mit­ted to export any data that they have not pre­vi­ously impor­ted (par­tic­u­larly, extern­al research data—cf. Sec­tion 6). At the end of the 15-day peri­od, the con­tract status will auto­mat­ic­ally change to paid sub­scrip­tion unless it is changed earli­er by the licensee or the start-up phase is ter­min­ated.
The con­tract will then auto­mat­ic­ally be exten­ded to the end of the cal­en­dar year and there­after to the end of the fol­low­ing cal­en­dar year, unless it is ter­min­ated in writ­ing by either party at least three months before the end of the year. The peri­od of notice for sub­sequent years shall also be three months to the end of the year.

3. Expan­sion or Reduc­tion of User Licenses
User com­pan­ies may change the scope of their licenses on the web­site at Reduc­tions in scope may be made at the end of a year by giv­ing three months’ notice, expan­sions shall be pos­sible at any time. The sub­scrip­tion will then be revised on the basis of the price list val­id at the time.

4. Sup­port Ser­vices
We will provide the fol­low­ing ser­vices dur­ing the term of the contract:

a. Soft­ware Main­ten­ance
Adapt­a­tion and exten­sion of the web plat­form and its cor­res­pond­ing soft­ware. Rem­edy of defects where feas­ible at reas­on­able expense. Defects must be repor­ted in writ­ing without undue delay after their dis­cov­ery and must be repro­du­cible or oth­er­wise trace­able by us. On request, the user shall assist us in the dia­gnost­ic process.

b. Soft­ware Upgrades
Con­tinu­ous exten­sion of fea­tures, with sim­pli­fic­a­tion and improve­ment of the user interface.

c. User Sup­port
Chat and email sup­port as well as a tele­phone hot­line ser­vice. Tele­phone sup­port is gen­er­ally billed sep­ar­ately. Sup­port ser­vices shall be avail­able dur­ing our nor­mal busi­ness hours (Monday to Fri­day, 08:00 to 18:00, except on pub­lic hol­i­days in North Rhine-West­phalia). Sep­ar­ate sup­port agree­ments out­side these hours may be arranged. We reserve the right to deny access to the hot­line to inex­per­i­enced users with simple prob­lems and may sug­gest train­ing instead.

5. Prop­erty Rights and Copy­rights
Con­vento shall grant the user com­pany a non-trans­fer­able, non-exclus­ive right to use mycon­vento. All data and work res­ults cre­ated in mycon­vento may be used freely and be copied as required.
In exer­cising the above right of use, the user shall not acquire own­er­ship in mycon­vento. How­ever, the spe­cif­ic cus­tom­er data shall remain the prop­erty of the user through­out the con­tract term.

6. Use of Research Data
a. Lim­it­a­tions of the license for the use of extern­al research data
Con­vento cooper­ates with sev­er­al data sup­pli­ers, giv­ing users the oppor­tun­ity to access their data dir­ectly from mycon­vento for use in research and mail­ings. Use of these data shall require a val­id mycon­vento sub­scrip­tion. The data may not be sold or passed on to third parties either in full or in extracts. Advert­ising and PR agen­cies and con­sult­ants shall be per­mit­ted to show the data to cli­ents for the pur­pose of coordin­at­ing advert­ising and PR cam­paigns. Any improp­er use shall be pro­hib­ited without the writ­ten con­sent of the rel­ev­ant data sup­pli­er. Use of the data shall be gov­erned by Ger­man law. The user spe­cific­ally agrees to use email addresses exclus­ively to send media-rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion without any advert­ising mater­i­al, to ensure rel­ev­ance of its own com­mu­nic­a­tions to the recip­i­ents, not to infringe on any copy­rights and per­son­al rights, and not to viol­ate the com­pet­i­tion law.

b. Copy­right
Extern­al data are the prop­erty of their respect­ive sup­pli­ers and are pro­tec­ted by copy­right laws and oth­er rel­ev­ant nation­al legis­la­tion. Con­vento is care­ful to point out that users shall be liable for any dam­age res­ult­ing from copy­right infringements.

c. Expir­a­tion of the license
Upon expir­a­tion of the sub­scrip­tion term, the license for con­tin­ued use of the research data avail­able in mycon­vento shall also ter­min­ate; this does not affect any user-owned data. The license restric­tions and copy­rights ref­er­enced in Sec­tions 5, 6 and 8 of these Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions shall sur­vive the end of the con­tract and remain in full force.

No respons­ib­il­ity shall be accep­ted for the accur­acy and com­plete­ness of extern­al data. Con­vento reserves the right to make neces­sary changes to the data selec­tion and data struc­ture provided those changes do not adversely affect the users.

7. War­ranty of Con­vento GmbH
Con­vento expli­citly points out that it is tech­nic­ally impossible to cre­ate soft­ware and IT sys­tems com­pletely without faults. There­fore, Con­vento shall war­rant only the tech­nic­al usab­il­ity of the mycon­vento plat­form for the spe­cified pur­pose. mycon­vento is free of defects that would com­pletely or con­sid­er­ably reduce the value or suit­ab­il­ity for its con­trac­tu­ally stip­u­lated use. Unless oth­er­wise expressly stated, the inform­a­tion included in the product descrip­tion does not con­sti­tute any guar­an­tee or warranty.

mycon­vento cov­ers all essen­tial and typ­ic­al IT-related pub­lic rela­tions tasks as well as cor­por­ate and fin­an­cial com­mu­nic­a­tions. How­ever, unless oth­er­wise agreed in writ­ing, Con­vento does not make any war­ranty of fit­ness for the oper­a­tion­al spe­cif­ics of the user company.

The pre­cise pro­cessing time (per­form­ance) of fea­tures and ser­vices in mycon­vento depends on the user’s inter­net access capa­city, the com­puter and its effi­ciency. While it can­not there­fore be guar­an­teed, every user may test it dur­ing the free 15-day start-up phase.

The user com­pany shall noti­fy Con­vento imme­di­ately in writ­ing of any defects found and, where pos­sible, keep a detailed record of the fault. Fail­ure to noti­fy shall con­sti­tute accept­ance of both mycon­vento and the defect.

In the event of jus­ti­fied com­plaints, Con­vento under­takes to rem­edy and repair the defects with­in four weeks. If repair is not feas­ible or suc­cess­ful, the user shall be entitled to reduce the sub­scrip­tion fee by up to 50% provided it can prove a decrease in value as a res­ult of the defect. Con­vento shall not be liable for any defects due to unau­thor­ized changes or modi­fic­a­tions to the sys­tem effected by the user.

On-site ser­vices provided on request (e.g. train­ing courses) are typ­ic­ally charged per call as quoted on the basis of day rates. It is there­fore irrel­ev­ant how many hours spe­cific­ally the instruct­or spends on site.

8. Scope of License and Flat User Fee
The flat user fee to be paid by the user com­pany shall be a fixed monthly or annu­al amount based primar­ily on the num­ber of registered and, there­fore, licensed mycon­vento users (Named User Licens­ing). This is in addi­tion to oth­er charges such as research data, mail­ing ser­vice or stor­age capacity.

All users of a user com­pany may work at dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions, even across nation­al bor­ders, or access mycon­vento from dif­fer­ent work­sta­tions, but only once at a time.

Com­pan­ies that col­lab­or­ate or belong to the same group may share use of a sub­scrip­tion provided that a ser­vice con­tract exists between them (example: press office and agency work togeth­er on one sys­tem) or one com­pany holds at least 50% of the shares in the oth­er com­pany. In this case, all users share a data­base. The lead­ing com­pany acts as licensee and invoice recipient.

Con­vento reserves the right to change the flat user fee at the begin­ning of a cal­en­dar year. In such case, user com­pan­ies shall be noti­fied of the change in writ­ing by June 30th of the pre­vi­ous year.

9. Addi­tion­al Ser­vices at Extra Cost
Con­vento offers the fol­low­ing option­al ser­vices at extra cost:

  • Indi­vidu­al add-ons as requested
  • User work­shops and con­sult­ing services
  • Qual­i­fied integ­ra­tion of exist­ing, extern­al con­tacts into the mycon­vento database
  • Main­ten­ance of mail­ing list

Our addi­tion­al ser­vices shall be charged per call at the day rates applic­able upon con­firm­a­tion of the order. Where ser­vices are provided at the cus­tom­er, Con­vento shall charge extra for travel, accom­mod­a­tion, if any, and expenses.

10. User Agree­ment, Per­form­ance Prom­ise, Liab­il­ity
a. Scope of Ser­vices
mycon­vento is an SAAS (soft­ware as a ser­vice) solu­tion. This means that the user com­pany is sup­plied with the soft­ware as well as the under­ly­ing data­base and pro­cessing power from a com­puter cen­ter in the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Ger­many. Inter­net access shall be provided using a con­ven­tion­al or stand­ard browser.
Con­vento shall equip its users with the estim­ated pro­cessing power for a typ­ic­al applic­a­tion (serv­er). It is the respons­ib­il­ity of the user to oper­ate the neces­sary cli­ent com­puter or mobile ter­min­al device, and to provide online con­nec­tion to the mycon­vento Inter­net plat­form.
Con­vento reserves the right to make reas­on­able changes to the scope of ser­vices at any time and to dis­con­tin­ue ser­vices which no longer com­ply with cur­rent standards.

b. Data Pro­tec­tion and Data Secur­ity
Our sep­ar­ate “Data Pro­tec­tion Policy of Con­vento GmbH” is avail­able at In addi­tion, Con­vento offers the con­clu­sion of a data pro­cessing con­tract (“Ver­trag zur Auftrags­daten­ver­arbei­tung” = ADV) in accord­ance with Art­icle 28 (3) GDPR.

c. E‑Mail Dis­patch
Con­vento offers highly soph­ist­ic­ated solu­tions for bulk email­ing (example: SPF/MX, DKIM meth­od). Sev­er­al oth­er fea­tures and func­tions con­trib­ute to the high stand­ard of ser­vices provided by the mycon­vento mail­ing sys­tem (email sched­uler, tamper-proof mail­ing archive, HTML tem­plates, suc­cess stat­ist­ics, bounced mail hand­ling, black­list­ing, etc.).

d. Ser­vice Level Agreement/Availability
Con­vento offers a 99.5% uptime guar­an­tee for its mycon­vento, aver­aged over a peri­od of 365 days. This does not include sched­uled ser­vice windows.

In the event of faults or out­ages that sig­ni­fic­antly affect or pre­vent the use of mycon­vento, Con­vento shall endeavor to resolve the issue promptly, and not later than with­in 24 hours (repair and recov­ery time). In indi­vidu­al cases, Con­vento shall have the right to reas­on­ably extend this peri­od. Where repair and recov­ery is not pos­sible with­in a fur­ther grace peri­od of 24 hours gran­ted by the user, the user shall have the right to ter­min­ate the con­tract for cause or to pay­ment of dam­ages in accord­ance with the terms of this con­tract. The user shall have no fur­ther claims against Con­vento.
Occa­sion­ally, Con­vento requires a ser­vice win­dow for Stand­ard Host­ing user com­pan­ies to per­form main­ten­ance or install updates. The work will typ­ic­ally be car­ried out on a Fri­day between 18:00 and 22:00 hours. Dur­ing this time, access to the plat­form may be lim­ited or unavail­able. Users will usu­ally be noti­fied in writ­ing at least 48 hours in advance.
For user com­pan­ies with a Hos­ted Appli­ance, Con­vento may also sched­ule oth­er ser­vice win­dows at its dis­cre­tion, such as Wed­nes­days from 18:00 hours. Con­vento shall always endeavor to sched­ule a ser­vice win­dow out­side nor­mal busi­ness hours to min­im­ize dis­rup­tion to its cus­tom­ers’ busi­ness oper­a­tions. Again, user com­pan­ies will usu­ally be noti­fied of the work at least 48 hours in advance.

e. Liab­il­ity of Con­vento arising from the Oper­a­tion of mycon­vento
Except for the breach of fun­da­ment­al con­tract oblig­a­tions (primary oblig­a­tions), Con­vento shall only be liable for will­ful or grossly neg­li­gent con­duct on the part of its employ­ees or vicari­ous agents. This does not apply to dam­ages arising from injury to life, limb or health. No liab­il­ity is accep­ted for the ser­vices of parties that are not vicari­ous agents and are bey­ond the con­trol of Convento.

In the event that Con­vento is pre­ven­ted from ren­der­ing per­form­ance due to unfore­see­able and – des­pite due dili­gence – inev­it­able cir­cum­stances such as force majeure, the peri­od of ren­der­ing per­form­ance shall be exten­ded by the dur­a­tion of the hindrance plus a reas­on­able start-up peri­od. Force majeure shall include, but not be lim­ited to, war, intern­al unrest, indus­tri­al action, fire, flood­ing, and oth­er nat­ur­al dis­asters, as well as loss of power or data con­nectiv­ity, traffic dis­rup­tions, etc.
The liab­il­ity of Con­vento shall be lim­ited to the cost of an annu­al sub­scrip­tion for the cus­tom­er. The cus­tom­er shall be required to prove dam­ages. Liab­il­ity shall also be lim­ited to one annu­al sub­scrip­tion where sev­er­al acts or related factors com­bine to cause dam­age with­in a peri­od of twelve cal­en­dar months.

Where Con­vento is respons­ible for the dis­rup­tion or it takes more than 24 hours to resolve, the cus­tom­er shall be entitled to a pro­rated reduc­tion of the monthly basic price. Where it is the respons­ib­il­ity of the cus­tom­er, Con­vento shall be entitled to charge the cus­tom­er for the costs incurred in resolv­ing the issue. The above pro­vi­sions do not affect the liab­il­ity of Con­vento for war­ranty com­mit­ments and under the pro­vi­sions of the Product Liab­il­ity Act. Where the liab­il­ity of Con­vento is effect­ively excluded or lim­ited, this shall also apply to the per­son­al liab­il­ity of Con­vento employ­ees, oth­er staff, bod­ies, rep­res­ent­at­ives and vicari­ous agents.

Con­vento shall not be respons­ible for third-party con­tent on the plat­form or on oth­er web­sites. Inclu­sion in the ser­vice shall not imply approv­al, war­ranty, guar­an­tee or rep­res­ent­a­tion by Con­vento GmbH.

Con­vento may remove news and data only from its own serv­ers and web­sites. Con­vento does not guar­an­tee any spe­cif­ic place­ment of press releases or a spe­cif­ic scope of circulation.

f. Oblig­a­tions and Liab­il­ity of the User Com­pany
The use of mycon­vento requires a tech­nic­ally adequate ter­min­al device with work­ing Inter­net access. Users are aware that their per­son­al login data (user ID and pass­word) must be kept secret and may not be dis­closed to oth­er parties.

The user com­pany shall ensure that its use of mycon­vento does not fun­da­ment­ally change the sys­tem or impair avail­ab­il­ity of the ser­vice. It is required to noti­fy Con­vento imme­di­ately of any faults or defects found and provide reas­on­able assist­ance in find­ing the fault or defect and its causes.

The users shall refrain from any attempts of gain­ing unau­thor­ized access to third party data. In the event of breach­ing any of these oblig­a­tions, their user com­pany shall be required to pay a con­trac­tu­al pen­alty in the amount of EUR 2,500 for every unlaw­ful act. Con­vento shall reserve the right to claim fur­ther damages.

In all oth­er respects, the user com­pany, as well as Con­vento, shall be liable only for will­ful or grossly neg­li­gent con­duct on the part of their employ­ees or vicari­ous agents. This does not apply to dam­age arising from injury to life, limb or health.

Any liab­il­ity of the user com­pany shall be lim­ited to the cost of an annu­al sub­scrip­tion, provided that the dam­age is lim­ited to its own account and does not affect oth­er user com­pan­ies. Con­vento shall be required to prove dam­ages.
Liab­il­ity shall also be lim­ited to one annu­al sub­scrip­tion where sev­er­al acts or related factors com­bine to cause dam­age with­in a peri­od of twelve cal­en­dar months and the dam­age is lim­ited to the account of the user company.

g. Oblig­a­tions of the User Com­pany Con­cern­ing the Dis­sem­in­a­tion of Inform­a­tion
User com­pan­ies sub­mit­ting con­tent for dis­sem­in­a­tion via mycon­vento shall auto­mat­ic­ally grant Con­vento the right to dis­trib­ute, announce, repro­duce, reformat and archive this inform­a­tion. The users shall be respons­ible for any con­tent and its accuracy.

Our users shall guar­an­tee that pos­ted and dis­sem­in­ated con­tent is free from third-party rights. In par­tic­u­lar, con­tent must not infringe on license rights, copy­ing rights, copy­rights, trade­marks or oth­er intel­lec­tu­al prop­erty. Per­son­al rights and the pri­vacy of per­sons must be pro­tec­ted. Dis­sem­in­ated con­tent may not be defam­at­ory in nature or con­tain vir­uses, scripts, mac­ros or oth­er execut­able pro­grams. Nor may they include links to scripts, mac­ros or pro­grams. In gen­er­al, con­tent must not viol­ate any applic­able laws and regulations.

Users shall be respons­ible and liable to third parties for the unlaw­ful dis­sem­in­a­tion of con­tent. The user com­pany agrees to fully indem­ni­fy and hold harm­less Con­vento in con­nec­tion with and from all claims and demands made by a third party against Con­vento as a res­ult of the unlaw­ful use and to reim­burse Con­vento for all neg­li­gently caused, veri­fi­able leg­al defense costs and any pay­ment of dam­ages, irre­spect­ive of the leg­al basis.

All sub­mit­ted news and inform­a­tion must com­ply with the guidelines estab­lished by the GDPR and the Ger­man Pub­lic Rela­tions Coun­cil DRPR (Code of Con­duct, Code of Lis­bon). Each item of news shall be pos­ted with ref­er­ence to a con­tact per­son includ­ing email address. News that do not com­ply with this stand­ard may be rejec­ted by Con­vento. In such case, Con­vento may also remove any press release from the web­site and reject its dis­sem­in­a­tion. In such case, the user com­pany shall not have the right to res­cis­sion or reduc­tion in price.

h. Suspension/Blocking
Con­vento reserves the right to sus­pend the ser­vice for the pur­pose of mak­ing neces­sary tech­nic­al changes. Con­vento shall endeavor to min­im­ize dis­rup­tion to the per­form­ance of ser­vices and shall duly noti­fy the user com­pany in writ­ing. No claims for dam­ages of the user com­pany shall be accep­ted inso­far as the user com­pany can reas­on­ably be expec­ted to tol­er­ate the tem­por­ary sus­pen­sion of performance.

11. Billing
Billing of the flat user fee shall com­mence when the user com­pany changes to paid sub­scrip­tion after the free 15-day start-up phase. Con­vento shall then charge for the peri­od up to the end of the cal­en­dar year. Annu­al sub­scrip­tions shall be settled in full at the start of a year. In indi­vidu­al cases, Con­vento may agree to the pay­ment of quarterly instalments.

If the user com­pany adds licenses or oth­er ser­vices dur­ing the sub­scrip­tion peri­od, the addi­tion­al flat user fee shall be pro­rated to the end of the year. Ser­vices that are related to usage (such as webinars, data volumes, mail­ings) shall be billed at the end of a month for the pre­vi­ous month. Train­ing and oth­er indi­vidu­al ser­vices shall be charged on completion.

Exist­ing cus­tom­ers with sub­scrip­tions com­men­cing before May 25, 2018 and sub­ject to terms and con­di­tions provid­ing for quarterly billing shall con­tin­ue to be billed quarterly up to Decem­ber 31, 2018. Annu­al billing shall then apply from 2019.

All bills shall be pay­able in full with­in 14 days from the date of invoice. Unless objec­ted to in writ­ing with­in two weeks from its receipt, the bill shall be deemed accep­ted by the user com­pany. Bills may not be set off against dis­puted or leg­ally unen­force­able claims. In the event of default, Con­vento shall have the right to charge default interest at the stat­utory rate.

12. Form­a­tion of an ADV con­tract
Art. 28 (3) of the EU Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion requires the pro­cessing of per­son­al data by a pro­cessor to be gov­erned by a con­tract (here­after, DP con­tract). The latest ver­sion of this DP con­tract is made avail­able by Con­vento on the web­site at and shall be formed without the sig­na­tures of the mycon­vento cus­tom­er and Con­vento GmbH. It only requires a val­id order of a mycon­vento sub­scrip­tion and accept­ance of the cur­rent Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions of Con­vento GmbH. Devi­ations from this stand­ard con­tract may be agreed for a charge as part of the “Premi­um Con­tract­ing” offer.

13. Ordin­ary Ter­min­a­tion
This con­tract may be ter­min­ated by either party at any time dur­ing the 15-day start-up phase and there­after by giv­ing three months’ notice before the end of the cal­en­dar year. Oth­er­wise, it shall be exten­ded by one year at a time up to the end of the fol­low­ing cal­en­dar year. Notice of ter­min­a­tion may be giv­en in mycon­vento by click­ing on the “Ter­min­ate” but­ton or in writ­ing. Timely receipt shall be determ­ined by the date of receipt of the notice or the date on which the but­ton was activated.

14. Extraordin­ary Ter­min­a­tion by Con­vento
Con­vento shall have the right to ter­min­ate the con­tract without notice and to dis­con­tin­ue all ser­vices if the user com­pany fails to com­ply with fun­da­ment­al con­trac­tu­al oblig­a­tions or uses mycon­vento for improp­er or unlaw­ful purposes.

15. Amend­ment to the Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions
Con­vento shall have the right to change or amend these Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions by giv­ing one month’s notice. Our user com­pan­ies will be noti­fied in writ­ing of any changes or amend­ments and may object to them with­in one month from receipt of the noti­fic­a­tion. If no objec­tion to the noti­fied new terms and con­di­tions is raised with­in this time, the new terms and con­di­tions shall come into force. Oth­er­wise, the pre­vi­ous terms and con­di­tions shall con­tin­ue to apply to these user com­pan­ies. These Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions shall also apply to all future busi­ness rela­tion­ships, even if the parties have not expli­citly agreed to them again.

16. Final Pro­vi­sions
Oral side arrange­ments shall be deemed not to have been con­cluded. All changes and amend­ments to the con­tract shall be required in writ­ing. This shall also apply to the waiver of writ­ten form. Should any indi­vidu­al pro­vi­sion or any part of any pro­vi­sion of the con­tract be or become illeg­al, void or unen­force­able, the valid­ity of the remain­ing pro­vi­sions here­of shall in no way be affected. In such case, the parties hereto agree to replace the void and/or unen­force­able pro­vi­sion or pro­vi­sions by rel­at­ive pro­vi­sions com­ing as close as pos­sible to the eco­nom­ic sense and pur­pose of this con­tract. This agree­ment and the entire leg­al rela­tion­ship between the con­tract­ing parties shall be sub­ject to the laws of the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Germany.

In case of dis­pute, the user com­pany shall agree to the engage­ment of a medi­at­or to be appoin­ted by the Cham­ber of Industry and Com­merce for the Cent­ral Lower Rhine region (IHK Mit­tler­er Nieder­rhein). The cost of the medi­at­or shall be borne equally by the parties. Should medi­ation fail to bring about a solu­tion with­in one week, either side may take leg­al action. The ven­ue for any claims arising from the user agree­ment shall be Düsseldorf.

as of Mai 25th, 2018

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