Gene­ral Terms & Conditions

1. Offer and Sup­ply
The­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons shall app­ly to all offers, sup­plies and ser­vices rela­ting to the mycon­ven­to pro­duct of Con­ven­to GmbH, here­af­ter refer­red to as Con­ven­to. By pla­cing an order or other­wi­se reques­ting to purcha­se pro­ducts from Con­ven­to and upon sub­se­quent acti­va­ti­on by us, the cus­to­mer shall be deemed to have accep­ted the­se Terms and Con­di­ti­ons. Their cur­rent ver­si­on may be view­ed online at any time on the mycon­ven­to home­page at devia­ti­on from the­se Terms and Con­di­ti­ons of Purcha­se shall not be valid unless con­fir­med in wri­ting by us.

Unless other­wi­se agreed, writ­ten offers shall be bin­ding wit­hin thir­ty days from deli­very. Oral agree­ments shall not be effec­ti­ve unless con­fir­med in wri­ting. Claims for com­pen­sa­to­ry dama­ges due to non-per­for­mance or default in deli­very may be asser­ted only whe­re the same are based on gross negli­gence or mali­ce afor­ethought com­mit­ted by us or our vica­rious agents.
mycon­ven­to shall be avail­ab­le immedia­te­ly after orde­ring and sub­se­quent acti­va­ti­on by us. Bil­ling will be based on the start date of the sub­scrip­ti­on indi­ca­ted in the order and the scope of ser­vices orde­red.
When orde­ring ser­vices, we agree to offer a date wit­hin 45 days from rece­i­pt of the order. In return, we shall be enti­t­led to bill the con­trac­ted ser­vices after 45 days, regard­less of com­ple­ted per­for­mance. We reser­ve the right to par­ti­al per­for­mance and bill accordingly.

2. Com­men­ce­ment and Term of the Sub­scrip­ti­on Con­tract
A sub­scrip­ti­on begins with a 15-day start-up pha­se. During this time, mycon­ven­to may be used free of char­ge, alt­hough with cer­tain restric­tions (see descrip­ti­on under “Details and Pri­ces” at The­se Terms and Con­di­ti­ons also app­ly to the start-up pha­se. During this time, users are not per­mit­ted to export any data that they have not pre­vious­ly impor­ted (par­ti­cu­lar­ly, exter­nal rese­arch data—cf. Sec­tion 6). At the end of the 15-day peri­od, the con­tract sta­tus will auto­ma­ti­cal­ly chan­ge to paid sub­scrip­ti­on unless it is chan­ged ear­lier by the licen­see or the start-up pha­se is ter­mi­na­ted.
The con­tract will then auto­ma­ti­cal­ly be exten­ded to the end of the calen­dar year and the­re­af­ter to the end of the fol­lowing calen­dar year, unless it is ter­mi­na­ted in wri­ting by eit­her par­ty at least three mon­ths befo­re the end of the year. The peri­od of noti­ce for sub­se­quent years shall also be three mon­ths to the end of the year.

3. Expan­si­on or Reduc­tion of User Licen­ses
User com­pa­nies may chan­ge the scope of their licen­ses on the web­site at Reduc­tions in scope may be made at the end of a year by giving three mon­ths’ noti­ce, expan­si­ons shall be pos­si­ble at any time. The sub­scrip­ti­on will then be revi­sed on the basis of the pri­ce list valid at the time.

4. Sup­port Ser­vices
We will pro­vi­de the fol­lowing ser­vices during the term of the contract:

a. Soft­ware Main­ten­an­ce
Adap­t­ati­on and exten­si­on of the web plat­form and its cor­re­spon­ding soft­ware. Reme­dy of defects whe­re fea­si­ble at rea­son­ab­le expen­se. Defects must be repor­ted in wri­ting without undue delay after their dis­co­very and must be repro­du­ci­ble or other­wi­se trace­ab­le by us. On request, the user shall assist us in the dia­gnostic process.

b. Soft­ware Upgrades
Con­ti­nuous exten­si­on of fea­tures, with sim­pli­fi­ca­ti­on and impro­ve­ment of the user interface.

c. User Sup­port
Chat and email sup­port as well as a tele­pho­ne hot­line ser­vice. Tele­pho­ne sup­port is gene­ral­ly bil­led sepa­r­ate­ly. Sup­port ser­vices shall be avail­ab­le during our nor­mal busi­ness hours (Mon­day to Fri­day, 08:00 to 18:00, except on public holi­days in North Rhi­ne-West­pha­lia). Sepa­ra­te sup­port agree­ments out­side the­se hours may be arran­ged. We reser­ve the right to deny access to the hot­line to inex­pe­ri­en­ced users with simp­le pro­blems and may sug­gest trai­ning instead.

5. Pro­per­ty Rights and Copy­rights
Con­ven­to shall grant the user com­pa­ny a non-trans­fera­ble, non-exclu­si­ve right to use mycon­ven­to. All data and work results crea­ted in mycon­ven­to may be used free­ly and be copied as requi­red.
In exer­cis­ing the abo­ve right of use, the user shall not acqui­re owners­hip in mycon­ven­to. Howe­ver, the spe­ci­fic cus­to­mer data shall remain the pro­per­ty of the user throughout the con­tract term.

6. Use of Rese­arch Data
a. Limi­ta­ti­ons of the licen­se for the use of exter­nal rese­arch data
Con­ven­to coope­ra­tes with several data sup­pliers, giving users the oppor­tu­ni­ty to access their data direct­ly from mycon­ven­to for use in rese­arch and mai­lings. Use of the­se data shall requi­re a valid mycon­ven­to sub­scrip­ti­on. The data may not be sold or pas­sed on to third par­ties eit­her in full or in extracts. Adver­ti­sing and PR agen­ci­es and con­sul­tants shall be per­mit­ted to show the data to cli­ents for the pur­po­se of coor­di­na­ting adver­ti­sing and PR cam­pai­gns. Any impro­per use shall be pro­hi­bi­ted without the writ­ten con­sent of the rele­vant data sup­plier. Use of the data shall be gover­ned by Ger­man law. The user spe­ci­fi­cal­ly agrees to use email addres­ses exclu­si­ve­ly to send media-rele­vant infor­ma­ti­on without any adver­ti­sing mate­ri­al, to ensu­re rele­van­ce of its own com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons to the reci­pi­ents, not to infrin­ge on any copy­rights and per­so­nal rights, and not to vio­la­te the com­pe­ti­ti­on law.

b. Copy­right
Exter­nal data are the pro­per­ty of their respec­ti­ve sup­pliers and are pro­tec­ted by copy­right laws and other rele­vant natio­nal legis­la­ti­on. Con­ven­to is care­ful to point out that users shall be liable for any dama­ge resul­ting from copy­right infringements.

c. Expi­ra­ti­on of the licen­se
Upon expi­ra­ti­on of the sub­scrip­ti­on term, the licen­se for con­ti­nued use of the rese­arch data avail­ab­le in mycon­ven­to shall also ter­mi­na­te; this does not affect any user-owned data. The licen­se restric­tions and copy­rights refe­ren­ced in Sec­tions 5, 6 and 8 of the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons shall sur­vi­ve the end of the con­tract and remain in full force.

No respon­si­bi­li­ty shall be accep­ted for the accu­ra­cy and com­ple­teness of exter­nal data. Con­ven­to reser­ves the right to make necessa­ry chan­ges to the data selec­tion and data struc­tu­re pro­vi­ded tho­se chan­ges do not adver­se­ly affect the users.

7. War­ran­ty of Con­ven­to GmbH
Con­ven­to expli­ci­tly points out that it is tech­ni­cal­ly impos­si­ble to crea­te soft­ware and IT sys­tems com­ple­te­ly without faults. The­re­fo­re, Con­ven­to shall war­rant only the tech­ni­cal usa­bi­li­ty of the mycon­ven­to plat­form for the spe­ci­fied pur­po­se. mycon­ven­to is free of defects that would com­ple­te­ly or con­si­der­ab­ly redu­ce the value or sui­ta­bi­li­ty for its con­trac­tual­ly sti­pu­la­ted use. Unless other­wi­se express­ly sta­ted, the infor­ma­ti­on inclu­ded in the pro­duct descrip­ti­on does not con­sti­tu­te any gua­ran­tee or warranty.

mycon­ven­to covers all essen­ti­al and typi­cal IT-rela­ted public rela­ti­ons tasks as well as cor­po­ra­te and finan­cial com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons. Howe­ver, unless other­wi­se agreed in wri­ting, Con­ven­to does not make any war­ran­ty of fit­ness for the ope­ra­tio­nal spe­ci­fics of the user company.

The pre­cise pro­ces­sing time (per­for­mance) of fea­tures and ser­vices in mycon­ven­to depends on the user’s inter­net access capa­ci­ty, the com­pu­ter and its effi­ci­en­cy. While it can­not the­re­fo­re be gua­ran­te­ed, every user may test it during the free 15-day start-up phase.

The user com­pa­ny shall noti­fy Con­ven­to immedia­te­ly in wri­ting of any defects found and, whe­re pos­si­ble, keep a detail­ed record of the fault. Fail­u­re to noti­fy shall con­sti­tu­te accep­t­ance of both mycon­ven­to and the defect.

In the event of jus­ti­fied com­p­laints, Con­ven­to under­ta­kes to reme­dy and repair the defects wit­hin four weeks. If repair is not fea­si­ble or suc­cess­ful, the user shall be enti­t­led to redu­ce the sub­scrip­ti­on fee by up to 50% pro­vi­ded it can pro­ve a decre­a­se in value as a result of the defect. Con­ven­to shall not be liable for any defects due to unaut­ho­ri­zed chan­ges or modi­fi­ca­ti­ons to the sys­tem effec­ted by the user.

On-site ser­vices pro­vi­ded on request (e.g. trai­ning cour­ses) are typi­cal­ly char­ged per call as quo­ted on the basis of day rates. It is the­re­fo­re irrele­vant how many hours spe­ci­fi­cal­ly the inst­ruc­tor spends on site.

8. Scope of Licen­se and Flat User Fee
The flat user fee to be paid by the user com­pa­ny shall be a fixed mon­th­ly or annu­al amount based pri­ma­ri­ly on the num­ber of regis­tered and, the­re­fo­re, licen­sed mycon­ven­to users (Named User Licen­sing). This is in addi­ti­on to other char­ges such as rese­arch data, mai­ling ser­vice or sto­rage capacity.

All users of a user com­pa­ny may work at dif­fe­rent loca­ti­ons, even across natio­nal bor­ders, or access mycon­ven­to from dif­fe­rent work­sta­tions, but only once at a time.

Com­pa­nies that col­la­bo­ra­te or belong to the same group may share use of a sub­scrip­ti­on pro­vi­ded that a ser­vice con­tract exists bet­ween them (examp­le: press office and agen­cy work tog­e­ther on one sys­tem) or one com­pa­ny holds at least 50% of the shares in the other com­pa­ny. In this case, all users share a data­ba­se. The lea­ding com­pa­ny acts as licen­see and invoice recipient.

Con­ven­to reser­ves the right to chan­ge the flat user fee at the begin­ning of a calen­dar year. In such case, user com­pa­nies shall be noti­fied of the chan­ge in wri­ting by June 30th of the pre­vious year.

9. Addi­tio­nal Ser­vices at Extra Cost
Con­ven­to offers the fol­lowing optio­nal ser­vices at extra cost:

  • Indi­vi­du­al add-ons as requested
  • User work­shops and con­sul­ting services
  • Qua­li­fied inte­gra­ti­on of exis­ting, exter­nal con­ta­cts into the mycon­ven­to database
  • Main­ten­an­ce of mai­ling list

Our addi­tio­nal ser­vices shall be char­ged per call at the day rates app­li­ca­ble upon con­fir­ma­ti­on of the order. Whe­re ser­vices are pro­vi­ded at the cus­to­mer, Con­ven­to shall char­ge extra for tra­vel, accom­mo­da­ti­on, if any, and expenses.

10. User Agree­ment, Per­for­mance Pro­mi­se, Lia­bi­li­ty
a. Scope of Ser­vices
mycon­ven­to is an SAAS (soft­ware as a ser­vice) solu­ti­on. This means that the user com­pa­ny is sup­plied with the soft­ware as well as the under­ly­ing data­ba­se and pro­ces­sing power from a com­pu­ter cen­ter in the Federal Repu­blic of Ger­ma­ny. Inter­net access shall be pro­vi­ded using a con­ven­tio­nal or stan­dard brow­ser.
Con­ven­to shall equip its users with the esti­ma­ted pro­ces­sing power for a typi­cal app­li­ca­ti­on (ser­ver). It is the respon­si­bi­li­ty of the user to ope­ra­te the necessa­ry cli­ent com­pu­ter or mobi­le ter­mi­nal device, and to pro­vi­de online con­nec­tion to the mycon­ven­to Inter­net plat­form.
Con­ven­to reser­ves the right to make rea­son­ab­le chan­ges to the scope of ser­vices at any time and to dis­con­ti­nue ser­vices which no lon­ger com­ply with cur­rent standards.

b. Data Pro­tec­tion and Data Secu­ri­ty
Our sepa­ra­te “Data Pro­tec­tion Poli­cy of Con­ven­to GmbH” is avail­ab­le at In addi­ti­on, Con­ven­to offers the con­clu­si­on of a data pro­ces­sing con­tract (“Ver­trag zur Auf­trags­da­ten­ver­ar­bei­tung” = ADV) in accordance with Arti­cle 28 (3) GDPR.

c. E‑Mail Dis­patch
Con­ven­to offers high­ly sophisti­ca­ted solu­ti­ons for bulk emai­ling (examp­le: SPF/MX, DKIM method). Several other fea­tures and func­tions con­tri­bu­te to the high stan­dard of ser­vices pro­vi­ded by the mycon­ven­to mai­ling sys­tem (email sche­du­ler, tam­per-pro­of mai­ling archi­ve, HTML tem­pla­tes, suc­cess sta­tis­tics, boun­ced mail hand­ling, black­lis­ting, etc.).

d. Ser­vice Level Agreement/Availability
Con­ven­to offers a 99.5% uptime gua­ran­tee for its mycon­ven­to, aver­aged over a peri­od of 365 days. This does not inclu­de sche­du­led ser­vice windows.

In the event of faults or outa­ges that signi­fi­cant­ly affect or pre­vent the use of mycon­ven­to, Con­ven­to shall endea­vor to resol­ve the issue prompt­ly, and not later than wit­hin 24 hours (repair and reco­very time). In indi­vi­du­al cases, Con­ven­to shall have the right to rea­son­ab­ly extend this peri­od. Whe­re repair and reco­very is not pos­si­ble wit­hin a fur­ther grace peri­od of 24 hours gran­ted by the user, the user shall have the right to ter­mi­na­te the con­tract for cau­se or to pay­ment of dama­ges in accordance with the terms of this con­tract. The user shall have no fur­ther claims against Con­ven­to.
Occa­sio­nal­ly, Con­ven­to requi­res a ser­vice win­dow for Stan­dard Hos­ting user com­pa­nies to per­form main­ten­an­ce or install updates. The work will typi­cal­ly be car­ri­ed out on a Fri­day bet­ween 18:00 and 22:00 hours. During this time, access to the plat­form may be limi­ted or unavail­ab­le. Users will usual­ly be noti­fied in wri­ting at least 48 hours in advan­ce.
For user com­pa­nies with a Hos­ted App­li­an­ce, Con­ven­to may also sche­du­le other ser­vice win­dows at its dis­cre­ti­on, such as Wed­nes­days from 18:00 hours. Con­ven­to shall always endea­vor to sche­du­le a ser­vice win­dow out­side nor­mal busi­ness hours to mini­mi­ze dis­rup­ti­on to its cus­to­mers’ busi­ness ope­ra­ti­ons. Again, user com­pa­nies will usual­ly be noti­fied of the work at least 48 hours in advance.

e. Lia­bi­li­ty of Con­ven­to ari­sing from the Ope­ra­ti­on of mycon­ven­to
Except for the bre­ach of fun­da­men­tal con­tract obli­ga­ti­ons (pri­ma­ry obli­ga­ti­ons), Con­ven­to shall only be liable for will­ful or gross­ly negli­gent con­duct on the part of its employees or vica­rious agents. This does not app­ly to dama­ges ari­sing from inju­ry to life, limb or health. No lia­bi­li­ty is accep­ted for the ser­vices of par­ties that are not vica­rious agents and are bey­ond the con­trol of Convento.

In the event that Con­ven­to is pre­ven­ted from ren­de­ring per­for­mance due to unfo­re­see­ab­le and – des­pi­te due dili­gence – ine­vi­ta­ble cir­cum­s­tan­ces such as for­ce majeu­re, the peri­od of ren­de­ring per­for­mance shall be exten­ded by the dura­ti­on of the hin­dran­ce plus a rea­son­ab­le start-up peri­od. For­ce majeu­re shall inclu­de, but not be limi­ted to, war, inter­nal unrest, indus­tri­al action, fire, floo­ding, and other natu­ral dis­as­ters, as well as loss of power or data con­nec­ti­vi­ty, traf­fic dis­rup­ti­ons, etc.
The lia­bi­li­ty of Con­ven­to shall be limi­ted to the cost of an annu­al sub­scrip­ti­on for the cus­to­mer. The cus­to­mer shall be requi­red to pro­ve dama­ges. Lia­bi­li­ty shall also be limi­ted to one annu­al sub­scrip­ti­on whe­re several acts or rela­ted fac­tors com­bi­ne to cau­se dama­ge wit­hin a peri­od of twel­ve calen­dar months.

Whe­re Con­ven­to is respon­si­ble for the dis­rup­ti­on or it takes more than 24 hours to resol­ve, the cus­to­mer shall be enti­t­led to a prora­ted reduc­tion of the mon­th­ly basic pri­ce. Whe­re it is the respon­si­bi­li­ty of the cus­to­mer, Con­ven­to shall be enti­t­led to char­ge the cus­to­mer for the cos­ts incur­red in resol­ving the issue. The abo­ve pro­vi­si­ons do not affect the lia­bi­li­ty of Con­ven­to for war­ran­ty com­mit­ments and under the pro­vi­si­ons of the Pro­duct Lia­bi­li­ty Act. Whe­re the lia­bi­li­ty of Con­ven­to is effec­tively exclu­ded or limi­ted, this shall also app­ly to the per­so­nal lia­bi­li­ty of Con­ven­to employees, other staff, bodies, repre­sen­ta­ti­ves and vica­rious agents.

Con­ven­to shall not be respon­si­ble for third-par­ty con­tent on the plat­form or on other web­sites. Inclu­si­on in the ser­vice shall not imply appro­val, war­ran­ty, gua­ran­tee or repre­sen­ta­ti­on by Con­ven­to GmbH.

Con­ven­to may remo­ve news and data only from its own ser­vers and web­sites. Con­ven­to does not gua­ran­tee any spe­ci­fic pla­ce­ment of press relea­ses or a spe­ci­fic scope of circulation.

f. Obli­ga­ti­ons and Lia­bi­li­ty of the User Com­pa­ny
The use of mycon­ven­to requi­res a tech­ni­cal­ly ade­qua­te ter­mi­nal device with working Inter­net access. Users are awa­re that their per­so­nal log­in data (user ID and pass­word) must be kept secret and may not be dis­c­lo­sed to other parties.

The user com­pa­ny shall ensu­re that its use of mycon­ven­to does not fun­da­ment­al­ly chan­ge the sys­tem or impair avai­la­bi­li­ty of the ser­vice. It is requi­red to noti­fy Con­ven­to immedia­te­ly of any faults or defects found and pro­vi­de rea­son­ab­le assi­s­tance in fin­ding the fault or defect and its causes.

The users shall refrain from any attempts of gai­ning unaut­ho­ri­zed access to third par­ty data. In the event of breaching any of the­se obli­ga­ti­ons, their user com­pa­ny shall be requi­red to pay a con­trac­tu­al penal­ty in the amount of EUR 2,500 for every unlaw­ful act. Con­ven­to shall reser­ve the right to claim fur­ther damages.

In all other respects, the user com­pa­ny, as well as Con­ven­to, shall be liable only for will­ful or gross­ly negli­gent con­duct on the part of their employees or vica­rious agents. This does not app­ly to dama­ge ari­sing from inju­ry to life, limb or health.

Any lia­bi­li­ty of the user com­pa­ny shall be limi­ted to the cost of an annu­al sub­scrip­ti­on, pro­vi­ded that the dama­ge is limi­ted to its own account and does not affect other user com­pa­nies. Con­ven­to shall be requi­red to pro­ve dama­ges.
Lia­bi­li­ty shall also be limi­ted to one annu­al sub­scrip­ti­on whe­re several acts or rela­ted fac­tors com­bi­ne to cau­se dama­ge wit­hin a peri­od of twel­ve calen­dar mon­ths and the dama­ge is limi­ted to the account of the user company.

g. Obli­ga­ti­ons of the User Com­pa­ny Con­cer­ning the Dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of Infor­ma­ti­on
User com­pa­nies sub­mit­ting con­tent for dis­se­mi­na­ti­on via mycon­ven­to shall auto­ma­ti­cal­ly grant Con­ven­to the right to dis­tri­bu­te, announ­ce, repro­du­ce, refor­mat and archi­ve this infor­ma­ti­on. The users shall be respon­si­ble for any con­tent and its accuracy.

Our users shall gua­ran­tee that pos­ted and dis­se­mi­na­ted con­tent is free from third-par­ty rights. In par­ti­cu­lar, con­tent must not infrin­ge on licen­se rights, copy­ing rights, copy­rights, trade­marks or other intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty. Per­so­nal rights and the pri­va­cy of per­sons must be pro­tec­ted. Dis­se­mi­na­ted con­tent may not be defa­ma­to­ry in natu­re or con­tain viru­ses, scripts, macros or other exe­cu­ta­ble pro­grams. Nor may they inclu­de links to scripts, macros or pro­grams. In gene­ral, con­tent must not vio­la­te any app­li­ca­ble laws and regulations.

Users shall be respon­si­ble and liable to third par­ties for the unlaw­ful dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of con­tent. The user com­pa­ny agrees to ful­ly indem­ni­fy and hold harm­less Con­ven­to in con­nec­tion with and from all claims and deman­ds made by a third par­ty against Con­ven­to as a result of the unlaw­ful use and to reim­bur­se Con­ven­to for all negli­gent­ly cau­sed, veri­fia­ble legal defen­se cos­ts and any pay­ment of dama­ges, irre­spec­ti­ve of the legal basis.

All sub­mit­ted news and infor­ma­ti­on must com­ply with the gui­de­li­nes estab­lis­hed by the GDPR and the Ger­man Public Rela­ti­ons Coun­cil DRPR (Code of Con­duct, Code of Lis­bon). Each item of news shall be pos­ted with refe­rence to a con­ta­ct per­son inclu­ding email address. News that do not com­ply with this stan­dard may be rejec­ted by Con­ven­to. In such case, Con­ven­to may also remo­ve any press release from the web­site and reject its dis­se­mi­na­ti­on. In such case, the user com­pa­ny shall not have the right to rescis­si­on or reduc­tion in price.

h. Suspension/Blocking
Con­ven­to reser­ves the right to sus­pend the ser­vice for the pur­po­se of making necessa­ry tech­ni­cal chan­ges. Con­ven­to shall endea­vor to mini­mi­ze dis­rup­ti­on to the per­for­mance of ser­vices and shall duly noti­fy the user com­pa­ny in wri­ting. No claims for dama­ges of the user com­pa­ny shall be accep­ted inso­far as the user com­pa­ny can rea­son­ab­ly be expec­ted to tole­ra­te the tem­pora­ry sus­pen­si­on of performance.

11. Bil­ling
Bil­ling of the flat user fee shall com­mence when the user com­pa­ny chan­ges to paid sub­scrip­ti­on after the free 15-day start-up pha­se. Con­ven­to shall then char­ge for the peri­od up to the end of the calen­dar year. Annu­al sub­scrip­ti­ons shall be sett­led in full at the start of a year. In indi­vi­du­al cases, Con­ven­to may agree to the pay­ment of quar­ter­ly instalments.

If the user com­pa­ny adds licen­ses or other ser­vices during the sub­scrip­ti­on peri­od, the addi­tio­nal flat user fee shall be prora­ted to the end of the year. Ser­vices that are rela­ted to usa­ge (such as webi­nars, data volu­mes, mai­lings) shall be bil­led at the end of a mon­th for the pre­vious mon­th. Trai­ning and other indi­vi­du­al ser­vices shall be char­ged on completion.

Exis­ting cus­to­mers with sub­scrip­ti­ons com­men­cing befo­re May 25, 2018 and sub­ject to terms and con­di­ti­ons pro­vi­ding for quar­ter­ly bil­ling shall con­ti­nue to be bil­led quar­ter­ly up to Decem­ber 31, 2018. Annu­al bil­ling shall then app­ly from 2019.

All bills shall be paya­ble in full wit­hin 14 days from the date of invoice. Unless objec­ted to in wri­ting wit­hin two weeks from its rece­i­pt, the bill shall be deemed accep­ted by the user com­pa­ny. Bills may not be set off against dis­pu­ted or legal­ly unen­for­ce­ab­le claims. In the event of default, Con­ven­to shall have the right to char­ge default inte­rest at the sta­tu­to­ry rate.

12. For­ma­ti­on of an ADV con­tract
Art. 28 (3) of the EU Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­ti­on requi­res the pro­ces­sing of per­so­nal data by a pro­ces­sor to be gover­ned by a con­tract (here­af­ter, DP con­tract). The latest ver­si­on of this DP con­tract is made avail­ab­le by Con­ven­to on the web­site at and shall be for­med without the signa­tures of the mycon­ven­to cus­to­mer and Con­ven­to GmbH. It only requi­res a valid order of a mycon­ven­to sub­scrip­ti­on and accep­t­ance of the cur­rent Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons of Con­ven­to GmbH. Devia­ti­ons from this stan­dard con­tract may be agreed for a char­ge as part of the “Pre­mi­um Con­trac­ting” offer.

13. Ordi­na­ry Ter­mi­na­ti­on
This con­tract may be ter­mi­na­ted by eit­her par­ty at any time during the 15-day start-up pha­se and the­re­af­ter by giving three mon­ths’ noti­ce befo­re the end of the calen­dar year. Other­wi­se, it shall be exten­ded by one year at a time up to the end of the fol­lowing calen­dar year. Noti­ce of ter­mi­na­ti­on may be given in mycon­ven­to by cli­cking on the “Ter­mi­na­te” but­ton or in wri­ting. Time­ly rece­i­pt shall be deter­mi­ned by the date of rece­i­pt of the noti­ce or the date on which the but­ton was activated.

14. Extra­or­di­na­ry Ter­mi­na­ti­on by Con­ven­to
Con­ven­to shall have the right to ter­mi­na­te the con­tract without noti­ce and to dis­con­ti­nue all ser­vices if the user com­pa­ny fails to com­ply with fun­da­men­tal con­trac­tu­al obli­ga­ti­ons or uses mycon­ven­to for impro­per or unlaw­ful purposes.

15. Amend­ment to the Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons
Con­ven­to shall have the right to chan­ge or amend the­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons by giving one month’s noti­ce. Our user com­pa­nies will be noti­fied in wri­ting of any chan­ges or amend­ments and may object to them wit­hin one mon­th from rece­i­pt of the noti­fi­ca­ti­on. If no objec­tion to the noti­fied new terms and con­di­ti­ons is rai­sed wit­hin this time, the new terms and con­di­ti­ons shall come into for­ce. Other­wi­se, the pre­vious terms and con­di­ti­ons shall con­ti­nue to app­ly to the­se user com­pa­nies. The­se Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons shall also app­ly to all future busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hips, even if the par­ties have not expli­ci­tly agreed to them again.

16. Final Pro­vi­si­ons
Oral side arran­ge­ments shall be deemed not to have been con­clu­ded. All chan­ges and amend­ments to the con­tract shall be requi­red in wri­ting. This shall also app­ly to the wai­ver of writ­ten form. Should any indi­vi­du­al pro­vi­si­on or any part of any pro­vi­si­on of the con­tract be or beco­me ille­gal, void or unen­for­ce­ab­le, the vali­di­ty of the remai­ning pro­vi­si­ons here­of shall in no way be affec­ted. In such case, the par­ties here­to agree to replace the void and/or unen­for­ce­ab­le pro­vi­si­on or pro­vi­si­ons by rela­ti­ve pro­vi­si­ons com­ing as clo­se as pos­si­ble to the eco­no­mic sen­se and pur­po­se of this con­tract. This agree­ment and the ent­i­re legal rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween the con­trac­ting par­ties shall be sub­ject to the laws of the Federal Repu­blic of Germany.

In case of dis­pu­te, the user com­pa­ny shall agree to the enga­ge­ment of a media­tor to be appoin­ted by the Cham­ber of Indus­try and Com­mer­ce for the Cen­tral Lower Rhi­ne regi­on (IHK Mitt­le­rer Nie­der­rhein). The cost of the media­tor shall be bor­ne equal­ly by the par­ties. Should media­ti­on fail to bring about a solu­ti­on wit­hin one week, eit­her side may take legal action. The venue for any claims ari­sing from the user agree­ment shall be Düsseldorf.

as of Mai 25th, 2018

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