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This is what myconvento offers you

The myconvento Communication Suite is the central storage location for your data and workflows.
The myconvento Workflow Engine supports your communication processes and collaboration within your team.

Strategic topic management

Every communication starts with the question: What topics do we stand for?

Think about the unique selling points of your company, your product portfolio or your work area. myconvento helps you to align all processes and data according to your topics.

Content creation and distribution

Create your content based on your topic areas and work together as a team on its development. You then send it by email or publish it either in myconvento's own press portal, in your press area, on the websites of customers and subsidiaries or on social media.

Newsroom, media library and press portal

myconvento is the grand central station for your texts, images and videos. Combine the elements to create engaging messages with media content.

Contact management

Maintaining your relationships with key stakeholders is at the core of your communication. myconvento provides you with its own, sophisticated CRM that guarantees you control over your contacts and data and is GDPR-compliant.

Our CRM also works independently of the media and journalist database. Never lose an address again because it may no longer be in the search database. Assign your VIPs to specific mailing lists and save individual details. Good to know: Many contacts are saved automatically, for example participation in broadcasts or events.

Media databases

Research your most important contacts in extensive media and journalist databases. Choose between DACH and WORLD. The pressbase DACH alone contains an outstanding number of over 250,000 authors. Over two million worldwide.

Use this to identify exactly those media and authors who are interested in your topics and who are relevant for your next campaign. Detailed information about each medium and each author shows you main topics, latest articles, profile information, etc.

Research with AI and Big Data

The wide distribution of press releases is no longer appropriate. Instead, put together your mailing lists and contacts based on targeted research.

Using your keywords or press releases, myconvento Media Intelligence researches all available online articles from the last 12 months for you and creates hit lists of media and authors who are particularly interested in your topic or who have published similar articles. Turn it into a distribution list or enrich your contact management with the TOP stakeholders.


What is reported about us, our products, our industry, our topics or the competition in the media? Which authors and media stand out? How do we compare to the competition?

With myconvento monitoring you get answers to exactly these questions. It is based on all online articles in the DACH region, all English-language online articles worldwide, etc.

Create your own search profiles, alerts and analytics. myconvento provides you with extensive profiles and details about the authors and media, and you include relevant contacts directly in your own contact management.

Media analysis and press reviews

Would you like to create your own analyzes based on KPIs? Should the media presence of an event be analyzed and evaluated retroactively? Would you like to process print in addition to online, and would you like the articles you curated to be compiled into a press review or email alert? Then take a look at the myconvento clip manager.

Sending press releases and newsletters

Design responsive HTML emails in your corporate design with myconvento. Determine the success of your messages with parameters such as delivery rate, open rate and click-through rate. Benefit from your shipping archive, which gives you long-term access to your reports and messages.

Invitation and participant management

Events are also part of the portfolio of many communications professionals. With myconvento's own invitation and participant management, you can create registration forms and collect participant registrations via invitation email. Then connect the participant list with your contact management in order to document your stakeholders' event participation in the long term.

Earned Media Reporting

Who published my press release? Who has picked up on our competitor's report and should perhaps be contacted by us? Myconvento Earned Media Monitoring answers these questions. It works automatically and shows you for each of your mailings those press articles that appeared after your report was distributed and that have a certain similarity in content.

Client management

Larger communications departments or agencies are divided into teams, each of which serves specific subsidiaries or customers. With myconvento client management you can differentiate between the teams' special data. One team can only have read access to another team's data or not at all. This ensures clarity for individual users and reduces the risk of accidental incorrect entries or data loss.

Data protection and data safety

myconvento is not only the home of your data and processes, but must also be the safe haven for this data. We have been continually investing in data protection and data security for many years and are proud that we have not yet fallen victim to a cyber attack.

Since fall 2023, myconvento has been running in a Kubernetes cluster with four nodes that replace each other. The cluster offers significantly greater reliability. There is also a security system against cyberattacks, consisting of several firewalls and monitoring systems, as well as a multi-level backup system.

Concrete advantages for you

Time saving

myconvento supports your communication processes and workflows. The seamless integration of various functions and data saves you an immense amount of time in routine tasks and makes your daily work much more efficient. You have this efficiency advantage in many places because myconvento is functionally very broadly positioned.

Quality improvement

Increase the quality of your work with myconvento. This includes many aspects. You can rely on your well-maintained contacts and distribution lists. They form the basis for your targeted communication and ability to respond quickly. You have the necessary data at your fingertips at all times and can rely on meaningful and convincing success reporting.

Flexibility in time and space

Mobile working and working from home have gained enormously in importance. Your data and processes must be accessible from anywhere at any time.

Your myconvento account is GDPR-compliant and stored on secure servers in the EU. An up-to-date browser is all you need for 24/7 access from various end devices.


Benefit from the team-wide use of your myconvento account. All members have access to the shared data pool and all communication processes. The central myconvento platform improves collaboration between the agency and communications department or between the group and subsidiaries.

Central data storage

With myconvento, data silos of different tools without data exchange are a thing of the past. Central data storage finally provides an overview of who is working on what and when, and is therefore the prerequisite for sustainable quality improvement.

Data security

myconvento is not just a tool. We also take responsibility for our users' data. This includes, for example, availability guarantees, so-called SLAs (Service Level Agreements). We rely on a highly professional and modern IT system in several high-performance data centers.

Service and Support

When you start with myconvento, you will receive a kick-off webinar. If required, we will transfer your existing data to myconvento. Our chat and e-mail support is available to you during operation. Our Key Account Management will help you with larger requirements.

Reliable partner

At Convento, we can look back on 30 years of experience as a software manufacturer in the communications industry. It all began in 1994 with the first version of our PR software. Many program versions and hundreds of projects later, we began developing myconvento in 2010. It was to be a seamless, comprehensive cloud solution for communication. The first version of myconvento was launched in 2013 and has been constantly evolving ever since.

What makes us special

30 years owner-managed

Our Managing Director Rainer Maassen founded Convento in 1992. Most of our colleagues have been with us for 10 to 20 years. While our direct competitors are mostly owned by financial investors, with us you can still talk to the boss.

Focus on product development

We concentrate on product development, work with the latest version of myconvento ourselves on a daily basis and are therefore our own beta testers. Around half of all employees are partially or fully occupied with processing customer feedback, testing, further development and documentation. The result is myconvento's high level of competitiveness.

Customer orientation

Our direct sales, without the involvement of intermediaries or partners, gives us a direct ear for the customer. Customer satisfaction is the yardstick by which we like to be measured. We talk to dozens of users, interested parties and other market players every day. Their wishes and feedback are constantly incorporated into the development of myconvento.

Everything from a single source

Product, development, operation, availability, service and support: With us, you get everything from a single source.

Your data is secure

All data in myconvento, with the exception of the search databases, belongs to you. You can export this data from myconvento at any time or instruct us to provide your data. If we terminate the collaboration, your data will of course be available to you again. We contractually secure our cooperation as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

What do our customers say about the integrated PR management solution myconvento?


As a full-service communications agency, we provide our clients with strategic and operational support. We use myconvento for our press and media work - because this tool enables us to manage media, journalists, press distribution lists and mailing orders for a large number of national and international clients. The research, export and reporting functions enable us to use the tool in a targeted manner.

Benedict Rehbein
Managing Partner
PIO Kommunikationsagentur

Even if the GDPR brings surprisingly good things to everyday agency life: "PR agencies like us in particular, with our press contacts that have grown over many years, had to come up with a workable solution for verifying and securely storing their contacts. The entire handling of press releases and the procedure for storing personal contact data had to be revised in the long term. For us, myconvento was definitely a stroke of luck, and at the right time. The support chat proves to be reliable and competent - and new tricks are learned every day. The operation is intuitive and definitely more effective for the work processes than with our previous system.

Katia Grosjean
Kommunikations-Agentur Profil Marketing OHG

Excerpt from the customer list