Data Protection Policy of Convento GmbH, Neuss

for users of myconvento

As of May 25, 2018,
Ger­many and the remain­ing EU mem­ber states are required to com­ply with and enforce the require­ments of the EU Gen­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Reg­u­la­tion (here­after, GDPR). In Ger­many, the new Fed­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Act (here­after, “BDSG-new”), which builds on and imple­ments the GDPR, will enter into force at the same time and, togeth­er with the GDPR, will replace the cur­rent Fed­er­al Data Pro­tec­tion Act (BDSG-old), which remains in effect through May 25, 2018.

As a data pro­cessor defined in Art. 4 GDPR, Con­vento GmbH (here­after, “Con­vento”) pro­cesses per­son­al data which its cus­tom­ers as con­trol­lers make avail­able in mycon­vento for the per­form­ance of a con­tract to which the data sub­ject is party. Per­son­al data means any inform­a­tion relat­ing to an iden­ti­fied or iden­ti­fi­able nat­ur­al per­son (here­after “data sub­ject”); an iden­ti­fi­able nat­ur­al per­son is one who can be iden­ti­fied, dir­ectly or indir­ectly, in par­tic­u­lar by ref­er­ence to an iden­ti­fi­er such as a name, an iden­ti­fic­a­tion num­ber, loc­a­tion data, an online iden­ti­fi­er or to one or more factors spe­cif­ic to the phys­ic­al, physiolo­gic­al, genet­ic, men­tal, eco­nom­ic, cul­tur­al or social iden­tity of that nat­ur­al per­son.
Spe­cific­ally, it refers to address and com­mu­nic­a­tion data and oth­er dis­tinct­ive par­tic­u­lars of journ­al­ists, blog­gers, oth­er „influ­en­cers” of the cus­tom­er, and publishers.

Con­vento respects its cus­tom­ers’ right to and own­er­ship of their data, ensur­ing full data pro­tec­tion and pri­vacy for data sub­jects, and is com­mit­ted to do whatever it takes to meas­ure up to our cus­tom­ers’ expectations.

Territorial scope

Cus­tom­er data are pro­cessed exclus­ively with­in the ter­rit­ory of the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Ger­many. Since 2015, Con­vento has oper­ated its cus­tom­er sys­tems at a spe­cial­ized data pro­cessing cen­ter cer­ti­fied to ISO 27001 in D‑40472 Düs­sel­dorf at myloc man­aged IT AG (

Disclosure of personal information to third parties, subcontracts

Con­vento itself does not use the per­son­al data provided by its cus­tom­ers, but makes them avail­able only to the rel­ev­ant cus­tom­er on the serv­er farm ren­ted at the data cen­ter of myLoc man­aged IT AG (data pro­cessing cen­ter cer­ti­fied to ISO 27001), Am Gath­er­hof 44, D‑40472 Düs­sel­dorf. At the cen­ter, the data are integ­rated in the customer’s data­base and then made avail­able exclus­ively to the cus­tom­er.
If any part of a con­tract is sub­con­trac­ted – always strictly with the pri­or writ­ten con­sent of the cus­tom­er- Con­vento will ensure that its sub­con­tract­ors com­ply to the same degree with the strin­gent data pro­tec­tion and data secur­ity stand­ards. The rights of inspec­tion and review of the cus­tom­er vis-à-vis Con­vento also apply to any subcontractors.

While gen­er­al sup­ply ser­vices (e.g. tele­com­mu­nic­a­tion, main­ten­ance, sup­port, clean­ing) are excluded from this pro­vi­sion, Con­vento gen­er­ally has appro­pri­ate data pro­tec­tion and data secur­ity agree­ments in place with such part­ners.
Per­son­al data will be col­lec­ted and for­war­ded to gov­ern­ment­al insti­tu­tions and author­it­ies strictly with­in the scope of cur­rent legis­la­tion. In such case, Con­vento agrees – to the extent per­mit­ted by law – to give the cus­tom­er due notice in writ­ing of the dis­clos­ure. Con­vento does not use any ser­vice pro­viders that fall with­in the ambit of the U.S. Pat­ri­ot Act and the U.S. Free­dom Act.

Obligations of the customer

As “con­trol­ler” with­in the mean­ing of Art­icle 4 no. 7 of the GDPR, the cus­tom­er is respons­ible for the law­ful­ness of work assigned to Con­vento and for safe­guard­ing the rights of data sub­jects. The cus­tom­er is required to place or con­firm all orders and add-ons in writ­ing. The same applies to- mutu­ally agreed – amend­ments to con­tents, pro­cesses, the scope and any oth­er com­pon­ents of the con­tract. Instruc­tions issued verbally by the cus­tom­er must imme­di­ately be con­firmed in writing.

The cus­tom­er will provide a respons­ible con­tact per­son com­pet­ent to issue instruc­tions and make or enforce prompt decisions on mat­ters relat­ing to the exe­cu­tion of the con­tract. This con­tact per­son will ensure that the mycon­vento users of the cus­tom­er are famil­i­ar and com­ply with this policy.
The customer’s admin­is­trat­or spe­cifies the users in mycon­vento. Each user is provided with per­son­al login data (user ID and pass­word) and urged not to use pass­words that are easy to spy out and not to carry with them any writ­ten pass­word remind­ers.
Any access to mycon­vento („user account”) which is no longer required for a user must imme­di­ately be deleted by the cus­tom­er. The cus­tom­er will noti­fy Con­vento without undue delay if errors are found in the exe­cu­tion of the con­tract or in the job results.

Obligations of Convento GmbH

Con­vento pro­cesses per­son­al data strictly with­in the agreed lim­its and as instruc­ted in writ­ing by the cus­tom­er. The data provided will not be used for any oth­er pur­poses. No cop­ies or duplic­ates will be made without the customer’s know­ledge.
Con­vento does not gen­er­ally main­tain or pro­cess data for cus­tom­ers and is not, there­fore, required to keep detailed data pro­cessing records that enable the cus­tom­er to veri­fy prop­er data pro­cessing. Con­vento will pro­cess data only where so spe­cific­ally instruc­ted in writ­ing by the cus­tom­er, in which case, and only then, Con­vento will keep basic data pro­cessing records. These will detail in the con­text of a log report which Con­vento employ­ee viewed or pro­cessed which data of which cus­tom­er and when. Con­vento will store this doc­u­ment­a­tion for the long term.
Con­vento handles per­son­al data in com­pli­ance with all applic­able pro­vi­sions of the Data Pro­tec­tion Act, the Tele­media Act (TMG) and the Tele­com­mu­nic­a­tions Act (TKG). On request, Con­vento will provide the cus­tom­er with the inform­a­tion stip­u­lated in Art. 30 (2) GDPR (records of pro­cessing activ­it­ies car­ried out on behalf of a controller).

In accord­ance with Art. 32 GDPR Con­vento uses appro­pri­ate tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al meas­ures (TOM) to pro­tect per­son­al data as best as pos­sible against acci­dent­al or unlaw­ful manip­u­la­tion, loss, destruc­tion or access by unau­thor­ized per­sons. These meas­ures are con­tinu­ously improved in line with the state of the art.
All employ­ees, sup­pli­ers and part­ners of Con­vento are oblig­ated to main­tain data con­fid­en­ti­al­ity in accord­ance with the pro­vi­sions of Sec­tion 53 BDSG-new and, in addi­tion, bound to pro­fes­sion­al secrecy, if any (e.g. bank­ing secrecy).
Con­vento will noti­fy the cus­tom­er promptly if the prop­erty of the cus­tom­er at Con­vento is at risk as a res­ult of third- party action (such as attach­ment or seizure, insolv­ency or com­pos­i­tion pro­ceed­ings, etc.).

Rights of the Customer

Con­vento will grant the cus­tom­er or an aud­it­or man­dated by the cus­tom­er unhindered access to its premises as needed for mon­it­or­ing pur­poses in accord­ance with Sec­tion 64 (3) no. 12 BDSG-NEW. In par­tic­u­lar, Con­vento will allow the cus­tom­er to inspect the data stored for the cus­tom­er or in con­nec­tion with the con­tract as well as the pro­cessing oper­a­tions used in order to veri­fy com­pli­ance with the tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al meas­ures (TOM) implemented.

To this end, the aud­it­or will be giv­en access equi­val­ent to the rights of the rel­ev­ant cus­tom­er. If in excep­tion­al cases the cus­tom­er per­mits data to be pro­cessed in private homes, Con­vento will ensure that the afore­said inspec­tions can also be per­formed in these homes. Con­vento affirms that it has obtained the con­sent of all occu­pants of these private homes to this arrangement.

Rights of data subjects

Any per­sons whose data are stored on Con­vento sys­tems, irre­spect­ive of wheth­er these were col­lec­ted by the con­trol­ler or by Con­vento, are entitled at no cost to obtain inform­a­tion on the data stored about them.

Data sub­ject groups usu­ally include journ­al­ists, blog­gers, oth­er “influ­en­cers” of the cus­tom­er and/or oth­er con­tacts in pub­lic rela­tions, such as cus­tom­ers, pro­spects, employ­ees as defined by Sec­tion 26 BDSG-new, sub­scribers, sup­pli­ers, sales rep­res­ent­at­ives or share­hold­ers.
The data sub­ject has the right to rec­ti­fic­a­tion, eras­ure or block­ing of their data stored in mycon­vento. Where Con­vento has pro­cessed data on behalf of the con­trol­ler, Con­vento will promptly for­ward the data and the com­plaint to the con­trol­ler. Altern­at­ively, the cus­tom­er may author­ize Con­vento in writ­ing to deal on its behalf with the com­plaint of the data subject.

Rights of Convento GmbH

If the cus­tom­er issues Con­vento with instruc­tions under a con­tract which may viol­ate applic­able data pro­tec­tion laws, Con­vento will noti­fy the cus­tom­er without delay and may delay act­ing on the instruc­tions until the mat­ter has been resolved.
Where com­pli­ance with data pro­tec­tion and/or data secur­ity meas­ures is mon­itored by the cus­tom­er, either itself or through anoth­er party, Con­vento is entitled to bill the cus­tom­er for the work per­formed on time basis for each hour or part there­of at the stand­ard hourly rates applic­able at Con­vento. Veri­fic­a­tions via the user account are obvi­ously free of charge.

Technical and organizational data protection measures (TOM)

Con­vento has imple­men­ted appro­pri­ate tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al meas­ures (TOM) in accord­ance with Sec­tion 64 BDSG-new. In addi­tion, all oblig­a­tions to be met under the applic­able data pro­tec­tion laws and oth­er leg­al require­ments are mon­itored by a data pro­tec­tion officer (see below). Con­vento under­takes to com­ply with and doc­u­ment the meas­ures spe­cified in Sec­tion 64 BDSG-new dur­ing oper­a­tion and to make the records avail­able to the cus­tom­er on request. The same applies to any meas­ures agreed with the cus­tom­er for the exchange, pro­vi­sion, pro­cessing, keep­ing, release and trans­fer of data.

As proof of the tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al meas­ures imple­men­ted, Con­vento will make avail­able to the cus­tom­er all per­tin­ent records, logs and reports it keeps, includ­ing those from inde­pend­ent author­it­ies. Con­vento reserves the right to imple­ment meas­ures reflect­ing the latest tech­nic­al and organ­iz­a­tion­al pro­gress that meet at least the same data pro­tec­tion and data secur­ity require­ments as those spe­cified in the Appendix.
A spe­cified chain of com­mu­nic­a­tion ensures prompt noti­fic­a­tion of the cus­tom­er in case of con­trol activ­it­ies, meas­ures and mon­it­or­ing in accord­ance with Sec­tions 4o BDSG-new or in accord­ance with Art. 83 GDPR. Con­vento will also noti­fy the Cus­tom­er promptly of any viol­a­tion of reg­u­la­tions relat­ing to the pro­tec­tion of the customer’s per­son­al data (e.g. in accord­ance with Art. 33 GDPR) or of stip­u­la­tions in the con­tract either by itself or by any employ­ees, and of ser­i­ous dis­rup­tions to oper­a­tions. The same applies even at the mere sus­pi­cion of such incid­ents.
Con­vento will promptly noti­fy the fol­low­ing cases, whatever their reas­on and even if only suspected:

  • ser­i­ous dis­rup­tion of operations
  • sig­ni­fic­ant irreg­u­lar­it­ies in the hand­ling of the customer’s per­son­al data
  • per­son­al data breach in acc. with Art.33 GDPR
  • unlaw­ful trans­mis­sion of per­son­al data
  • where per­son­al data may have come to the know­ledge of third parties in an unlaw­ful matter

In agree­ment with the cus­tom­er, Con­vento will take appro­pri­ate action to pro­tect the data and to min­im­ize any adverse con­sequences for the data sub­jects. Where applic­able, Con­vento will assist the cus­tom­er as con­trol­ler in ensur­ing com­pli­ance with any spe­cif­ic report­ing oblig­a­tions under Art. 33 or 34 GDPR.

Con­vento will reg­u­larly review all cus­tom­er con­tracts in the con­text of con­tract mon­it­or­ing tasks to veri­fy their exe­cu­tion and com­ple­tion. The arrange­ments and meas­ures relat­ing to con­tract exe­cu­tion are checked for com­pli­ance and amended where necessary.

Type of data, data carriers

The type of data will be spe­cified in the con­tract. These may include:

  • Key per­son­al data, com­mu­nic­a­tion data (e.g. tele­phone, email), con­tact history
  • Key con­tract data (con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship, product or con­tract involvement)
  • Con­tract billing and pay­ment data
  • Inform­a­tion (from third parties, e.g. inform­a­tion offices, or from pub­lic registers)

Con­vento will identi­fy all data car­ri­ers provided by, or used for, the cus­tom­er by name. Their receipt and return will be doc­u­mented. Extern­al data car­ri­ers for data backup are also encryp­ted for secur­ity pur­poses in case of trans­port between loc­a­tions.
The hand­ling of dis­used data car­ri­ers is gov­erned by the intern­al data pro­tec­tion concept applic­able to all employ­ees. These data car­ri­ers will always be passed to the IT depart­ment. Optic­al data car­ri­ers are shred­ded, dam­aged hard disks and USB sticks and oth­er data stor­age devices are kept under lock and key until their destruc­tion in com­pli­ance with data pro­tec­tion regulations.


In accord­ance with the stat­utory pro­vi­sions, Con­vento will be liable to the cus­tom­er for any dam­age caused by its employ­ees or by any party com­mis­sioned by it with the exe­cu­tion of the con­tract as a res­ult of will­ful or grossly neg­li­gent action in the per­form­ance of the con­tract. The bur­den of proof is on the cus­tom­er. Where dam­age to prop­erty or fin­an­cial loss is due to neg­li­gence, Con­vento and its vicari­ous agents will be liable only where breach of a fun­da­ment­al oblig­a­tion has occurred. In such case, liab­il­ity is lim­ited to the fore­see­able, typ­ic­ally occur­ring dam­age upon con­tract con­clu­sion. Only one claim may be brought for the action of a single Con­vento employee.

The cus­tom­er is primar­ily liable for dam­ages which a data sub­ject has suffered as a res­ult of unlaw­ful data pro­cessing pur­su­ant to the data pro­tec­tion regulations.

Under Art. 82 (2) sen­tence 2 GDPR, Con­vento is liable for the dam­age caused by pro­cessing only where it has not com­plied with oblig­a­tions of this Reg­u­la­tion spe­cific­ally dir­ec­ted to pro­cessors or where it has acted out­side or con­trary to law­ful instruc­tions of the con­trol­ler. If both the cus­tom­er as con­trol­ler and Con­vento as pro­cessor are involved in the same pro­cessing, both will be held liable for the entire dam­age in order to ensure effect­ive com­pens­a­tion of the data sub­ject in accord­ance with Art. 82 (4) DSGVO.

End of job and contract

At the end of the con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship, Con­vento will return all records of the cus­tom­er and any files, data car­ri­ers and doc­u­ments relat­ing to the con­tract to the cus­tom­er or, in agree­ment with the cus­tom­er, dis­pose of them in accord­ance with the data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions. Con­vento will sub­sequently con­firm the dele­tion or destruc­tion in accord­ance with the data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions.
Con­vento will retain data provided for pro­cessing only as long as stip­u­lated by law or by the cus­tom­er. Records con­tain­ing per­son­al data that are no longer required will be des­troyed in accord­ance with the data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions only where so instruc­ted in writ­ing by the cus­tom­er. Con­vento will keep all test and sub­stand­ard mater­i­al under lock and key until it is either deleted by Con­vento in accord­ance with the data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tions or passed to the cus­tom­er. Con­vento will con­firm the destruc­tion of cus­tom­er records and doc­u­ment the deliv­ery of doc­u­ments to the cus­tom­er.
Con­vento may con­tin­ue to store and use data for account­ing and billing pur­poses bey­ond the end of the con­tract or after the dele­tion of per­son­al data.

The cus­tom­er may ter­min­ate the con­tract without notice at any time if Con­vento is found in ser­i­ous breach of pro­vi­sions under the Data Pro­tec­tion Act or the under­ly­ing con­tract, if it can­not or will not com­ply with a law­ful instruc­tion issued by the cus­tom­er under the Data Pro­tec­tion Act and advises the cus­tom­er there­of in writ­ing, or con­trary to the con­tract denies the cus­tom­er access.

Automatic logging of user behavior

mycon­vento uses „cook­ies” to make its use more con­veni­ent for the cus­tom­er. Cook­ies store inform­a­tion such as the login data of web­site users to save hav­ing to re-enter the data on every vis­it to the web­site. Most browsers are set to auto­mat­ic­ally accept cook­ies. In addi­tion, mycon­vento records the gen­er­al intens­ity of a customer’s use of mycon­vento. This inform­a­tion is used exclus­ively to improve cus­tom­er sup­port and to mon­it­or and safe­guard the capa­city of the over­all system.

Customer consent (myconvento user company)

By using mycon­vento, the user com­pany agrees to Con­vento col­lect­ing and using data to the extent described above. The rap­id devel­op­ment of the Inter­net makes it neces­sary to amend our data pro­tec­tion policy from time to time. As a cus­tom­er, you will be noti­fied by e‑mail about any amend­ments to our data pro­tec­tion policy. The cur­rent ver­sion can be viewed at any time on our web­site at

Further Information

If you have any quer­ies, requests or com­ments on the issue of data pro­tec­tion, please email us in the first instance at .

Data pro­tec­tion at Con­vento is also con­sist­ently mon­itored and sup­por­ted by our extern­al data pro­tec­tion officer:

Mr. Axel Krause, law­yer
Law firm Geerkens – From­men – Krause
Drusus­allee 84
41460 Neuss

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