Advantages of an integrated PR management solution

Ten advantages for you and your company.

The toolbox of communications professionals has grown considerably in recent years. In addition to the traditional press distribution list, there is now also a website and CMS, SEO, monitoring and PR success control. Many people are now asking themselves: How can I keep all the data and processes under control and complete my tasks efficiently? With myconvento, you can manage your communication processes on a web-based interface. myconvento is intelligent, secure, user-friendly and inexpensive.

1. my data is secure

We offer you the best deal when it comes to data protection and data security. Your data is stored on a so-called Kubernetes cluster with four nodes that replace each other. Compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the conclusion of a tailor-made data processing agreement are a matter of course for us. Please take a look at our comprehensive privacy policy or contact our data protection officer.

2. Start immediately and without risk

Order directly via the website and we will activate your access within minutes. Then you can get started right away. Test myconvento for 15 days at no cost or risk, as you can cancel at any time. If we have convinced you, your subscription will start automatically after this initial phase.

3. simplify all your communication tasks

The integrated "Workflow Engine" from myconvento contains years of experience and knowledge of the data and processes involved in press relations and online communication. This reduces your throughput times and process costs. Personnel costs in particular can be reduced, as your employees can complete routine tasks more quickly or implement them without external consultants. We can prove the positive effect from many customer projects.

4. promote team spirit

Working on a modern, user-friendly interface is fun and simplifies collaboration. When everyone works on one platform, it facilitates the exchange of know-how and promotes team spirit. Everyone benefits from this.

5. find new contacts

Our research databases called "pressbase" help you to establish new contacts. With the "Classic" and "Media Intelligence" modules, we offer you two powerful functions: "Classic" enables classic research within your media database, either in the DACH region or worldwide.

"Media Intelligence" stands for powerful online monitoring of all media in the DACH region or optionally (in English) worldwide, which delivers exactly the authors that match your keyword search at lightning speed. Proven by their publications.

Optionally, the "TopicPro" topic plans are also available to you for researching future thematic media focal points.

With myconvento you get the best price/performance ratio. Please compare.

6. keep your service quality high

Better data, faster processes, improved overview - your customers will thank you for it! One example: the team's ability to respond to inquiries and provide information increases noticeably and demonstrably for myconvento users. This is thanks to the integrated inquiry and client management.

7. pay only for what you need

The subscription model offers you fixed monthly costs and a contract commitment with relatively short terms. As myconvento runs until the end of the next year, you can easily incorporate it into your annual budget. Start according to the number of users and your requirements. You can order additional functions and services as your requirements grow. In this way, you avoid high initial investments.

8. avoid IT costs

Your subscription also includes all data center services. This includes software maintenance, updates, availability, backups, database and server licenses, electricity costs and line costs for the data center's fast Internet connection. Everything is included in the subscription price and makes the cloud solution even more attractive.

9. make use of the PR back office if necessary

We offer you a range of additional services to cover a lack of capacity or at peak times: The creation of templates, the import and processing of addresses or the complete distribution list maintenance and processing of mailings. We can also carry out campaigns and surveys on request. In this way, we become your "back office".

10. act sustainably with us

Convento GmbH has been an independent family business since it was founded in 1992. For development and customer support, we rely on permanent employees who have usually been with us for many years. We invest over 20% of our turnover in the further development of our IT solutions and services. We are a training company and we know the industry - you can benefit from this!

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