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Central communication platform across several companies or teams, but you don't want them to get in each other's way? myconvento has the solution.

myconvento adapts to your organization and your requirements. One requirement may be that a press office wants to work together with its agency on one platform, but the agency also serves other clients on it. Another scenario is different units of an agency, each serving different but sometimes similar clients.

Client management ensures the advantage of shared use through the myconvento platform. At the same time, it prevents possible data conflicts or potential misuse of data by unauthorized users. This is achieved by assigning and withdrawing user rights.

myconvento user

Users with the same rights form a team. Each client/mandant represents a business unit, a company or a customer.

Excerpt from the Clientlist

What do our customers say about the integrated PR management solution myconvento?


In almost every PR agency, the "distribution list" is an ongoing issue - with myconvento we have found a solid and professional solution for our daily needs. The optimized maintenance of our personal contacts is usefully supplemented by the research options in the pressbase database; the dispatch management via myconvento has significantly professionalized our press releases.

Timo Sohr
PR consultant
Kommunikationsagentur factum GmbH

Since Convento carries out our mailings on time, maintains our mailing lists and researches new contacts for us, we can devote ourselves to our actual main tasks with a good feeling.

Anette Tepel
Manager Corporate Communications
Fidelity International

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