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Communications departments of corporations, press offices of institutions, PR and communications agencies, marketing agencies, web agencies, offices of associations or large clubs, etc....

How our customers use myconvento

Example 1

Media company

A large European television broadcaster, which is also a digital entertainment provider, uses myconvento on its own server and with its own database in the myconvento data center ("hosted appliance"). To enable interested journalists to register directly on the company's website, we have developed a connection to the broadcaster's "Press Lounge" on the web. Special requests from journalists are automatically mapped in the distribution lists of the myconvento system. This is an important basis for the targeted and individual service for each media representative. In addition, the media group also organizes its events (balance sheet press conference, quarterly reports, press conferences, roadshows) via the campaign manager in myconvento. Different departments look after different contact persons. These target groups are differentiated with the help of client management so that each user group can work with its own data.

Example 2

Multinational organization

Our largest international customer is a pan-European multinational organization that operates successfully and transparently in five countries on a uniform English-language interface and with a uniform database. The addresses are maintained individually in each country. However, the focus of the mailings is at one location, from where the central quality control of the contact management is also carried out.

Example 3

Retail group

A retail group with over 60 years of company history is also a myconvento user. The company operates a large number of its own stores and thousands of depots in specialist and food retailing. The group also includes online stores in Germany and abroad. The focus of the use of myconvento is on product PR and sales-supporting PR. To this end, hundreds of mailings of various sizes are carried out with myconvento.



One of our customers is one of the largest welfare and aid organizations in Germany, a non-profit association that is active in a wide variety of social and charitable areas and is represented by almost 300 regional, district and local associations throughout Germany. With the help of myconvento, the organization not only serves the media and journalists, but also carries out data and address management on its own behalf, as it has more than 14,000 full-time employees. Members belonging to the association are managed via myconvneto's standardized contact management system and informed about internal association news. Client management is also used here. Different regional organizations access the data they need to maintain. In this way, internal data (association members) and external data (media and journalists) can also be clearly separated.

Example 5

DAX company

We connected the in-house content management system to myconvento for a large DAX company. Particularly convenient: all press releases, images and texts that are created or uploaded in myconvento are automatically transferred from there to the company's website. This means that press releases are sent out and the website is populated in a single step.

Example 6

Amusement park

A large theme and adventure park uses the convenient connection of myconvento to the in-house press lounge: journalists can register for various topics and their data is assigned to the corresponding distribution lists of the same name in myconvento. At the same time, the contact data is created or updated in myconvento - of course with a prior check to see whether the data is a duplicate or has been updated. Journalists can also unsubscribe in the same way - the data is then removed from the database after prior checking. myconvento thus provides centralized address management on a large scale for a wealth of events, entertainment and information transfer.

Example 7

Real estate industry

A global service provider in the real estate industry makes intensive use of myconvento Clipmanager for its media monitoring. On the one hand, press articles are automatically read in by a large media observer. On the other hand, articles found by the company itself are also created in myconvento Clipmanager. The articles are categorized and evaluated. Individual criteria (qualitative and quantitative) are available for this purpose. The clip manager's further processing function enables the distribution of press reviews and the creation of sophisticated media analyses.

Example 8

Automobile manufacturer

A large car manufacturer has had Convento develop a "test car management system" with which it has been working successfully for years: This is linked to the in-house journalist database and is controlled by the press department. This allows their employees to plan and manage the loan of test cars to interested journalists. A calendar function makes it possible to see at any time which car has been loaned to whom and when it will be available again. Sophisticated order management, a reminder function and comprehensive reports round off the system.

Example 9

Insurance group

A Swiss insurance group uses myconvento to efficiently process inquiries from interested media representatives and other multipliers. The recording of enquirers, including duplicate checks, contact notes and the forwarding function, as well as resubmission, are carried out quickly and easily in a single step. This guarantees that no inquiries are lost or answered late.

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