Media monitoring & analysis

myconvento provides you with valuable insights into media coverage. Understand the influence of your brand or organization in the media landscape and inform your customers and clients with meaningful reports.

Media monitoring

Track the presence of your organization, brand or client in the media. Our AI-driven technology analyzes a wide range of media sources. For the DACH region alone, this amounts to around 150,000 websites every day. The focus is on classic news articles. However, you can also choose to expand your newsfeed with company newsrooms, blogs and press portals. Sophisticated search profiles allow you to filter out exactly the news that is relevant to you.

The monitoring is not only up-to-date, but also draws on reporting from the last 12 months. Analyze how your brand or organization has developed during this time, or how a particular event was reported on last year. Make your analyses available to a defined group of recipients outside of myconvento.

With the help of alerts, you can compile news briefings that are automatically sent by e-mail to the recipients you specify.

Monitoring also provides unique insights into the authors and publishing media. It therefore surpasses the usual online media monitoring. Integrate your influencers directly into your contact and relationship management in myconvento*. This closes the communication circle.



For many users, automatically generated alerts and analyses are not enough. They want to enrich articles with KPIs that are derived from their individual subject area and communication goals. They want to combine news from different (also external) sources and create "curated" press reviews and analyses from this prepared material.

We have developed the Clip Manager as an extended workspace for this demanding task. In Monitoring or Media Intelligence, select the articles you want to process here. Import e-papers from PMG or directly from publishers or other sources and process them into informative press reviews or media response analyses. Our analysts can also take on this task for you on request.

* In combination with the myconvento pressbase

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