Contact- and Relationship-Management

Relationship management is one of the "must haves" of your communication.
myconvento provides a sophisticated contact and relationship management system that allows you to keep control of your contacts.


Contact management also works independently of the media and journalist database. Never lose a relationship again because the person may no longer be available in the research database. Organize your VIPs into distribution lists and save individual contacts such as telephone calls or interviews. myconvento automatically documents the participation of your stakeholders in mailings or events.

Task and follow-up lists help you to never lose a press inquiry or dialog. Respond actively and individually to all publications by your stakeholders. This allows you to deepen your relationships - or build new ones.


The broad distribution of reports based solely on editorial name, local reference, media data or media type is convenient, but less and less successful. Instead, many communicators are asking themselves: Who is interested in my topics and news, and who will therefore read them with interest? The publications provide the answer.

pressbase Media Intelligence

myconvento helps you in a unique way to find the media and authors that are important to you. With its pressbase Media Intelligence, our program uses an AI-based content analysis of online publications from the last 12 months to develop author and media profiles. In addition, myconvento processes the publicly accessible profiles on the websites of quality media. The basis continues to be a classic, permission-based, manually researched media database. Of course, the media type, local reference and media data still play a role in communication with the media.

myconvento provides you with qualified hit lists with media and author rankings that are recalculated for each search. The program sorts these rankings according to the presumed interest in your particular topic. The calculation of the rankings is transparent: users can check the underlying articles on which their compilation is based.

pressbase WORLD

offers you comparable search options for all English-language media and websites worldwide. It provides around 2 million contacts from 180 countries (excluding D/A/CH). It includes all types of media, a large number of freelance journalists and many bloggers.

The scope of data processing is considerable: for pressbase DACH, we analyze around 150,000 articles in around 20,000 online media outlets every day. The DACH database comprises more than 250,000 authors. Pressbase WORLD analyzes all English-language articles worldwide, around 850,000 articles daily. The number of English-language authors identified is in the millions.

pressbase DACH

is the comprehensive and constantly updated database with over 30,000 media and around 250,000 contacts of media representatives in German-speaking countries (D/A/CH).

"Topic Pro" topic plans

From time to time, the media focus on certain topics. Print media traditionally use special supplements or extra pages for this purpose. There are many reasons for this: trade fairs, special events or simply Christmas, Easter or the beginning of spring.

Thematic focuses give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert and place articles. To do this, however, you need to know when which medium deals with which topic.

This is where the "Topic Pro" topic plans come into play. Research over 120,000 planned editorial topics in the DACH region. The references to contact persons, media data and media profiles help you to get in touch directly.


One possible tool for your communication is the implementation of events or surveys. With myconvento, you can create registration forms and questionnaires quickly and easily. You can integrate your forms into your website (e.g. for press inquiries) or link them in serial e-mails with which you advertise participation in an event or survey.

Anyone who registers or takes part in the survey is integrated into a list of participants that you can transfer to your contact management system. Of course, myconvento also handles communication with your participants. This includes registration and participation confirmations, unsubscribe options and confirmations, follow-ups, etc.


In myconvento, all contacts, correspondence and actions that you or a member of your team have had with a person can not only be tracked precisely. The follow-up function also helps you with your planning. This allows you to use myconvento as a fully-fledged CRM system.


If you don't have time for relationship management, smart lists are a quick alternative. They are just as easy to use as Excel spreadsheets and can be used as recipient groups for cover letters.

Data import

Do your contacts and distribution lists still exist in Excel spreadsheets? No problem. Our import interfaces will help you integrate your data into myconvento.

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