Case studies

The areas of application in which myconvento is used.

Press relations

myconvento supports you in all important core tasks of your press work: from researching the right media and journalists to building individual relationships and planning and creating press releases. All functions and processes are seamlessly integrated in the user-friendly myconvento interface. The perfect tool for your earned media.

Corporate Newsroom

In addition to “earned media”, which primarily comes from journalists and media, self-created content (“owned media”) is becoming increasingly important for companies, organizations and agencies.

Content planning

From the content idea to planning, development in the team, to distribution in various online channels and social media, myconvento offers you everything from a single source with the “Storydriver” module at a very affordable price.

Media Monitoring

Who writes about us? Which of our reports were picked up by the media? And which terms and topics still play a role for us? Myconvento’s media monitoring answers these questions for you. With the clip manager you can create your own press reviews and media response analyzes and access a variety of sources if necessary.

Author monitoring

Who writes about us, our competitors, our products or our industry? myconvento answers these questions for you with the “Media Intelligence” module. We use artificial intelligence (machine learning) and evaluate a large number of press articles up to the minute.

Influencer Management

Use the hits from “Media Intelligence” to build lasting relationships with these influencers. myconvento offers you powerful address and VIP management.

Social Media Publishing

News not only needs to be created, but also needs to be displayed (“posted”) on social media channels. To do this, use the Storydriver. You are flexible when choosing your accounts.

Association communication

Associations place special demands on their communication. They serve different stakeholder groups. In addition to our own members, these include other associations, political decision-makers and selected media. myconvento enables individual support for the various stakeholder groups, combined with tailor-made communication.

Member management

Save your members in myconvento contact management. Store contributions, statuses and other information that is important for your member management. Sending out mailings and invitations becomes child's play, as you can also address different member groups and committees in a mailing-specific manner.

Invitation and participant management

Do you regularly send invitations to events to various groups from a large address pool? Participations and reactions should be easily managed and usable for follow-up campaigns and repeat invitations? With the “Shipping” and “Events” modules in myconvento, you can set up perfect invitation and participant management.

Crisis communication

Your long-term relationship management in myconvento proves to be a good companion in any crises. And with myconvento's shipping module, you can anticipate your reactions and put texts "in stock". If the worst comes to the worst, it only takes a few clicks to put together current mailing lists and provide them with the relevant information.

Reputation and relationship management

Speed of reaction, ability to provide information, individual approach and targeted display of the relevant information form the basis for your reputation among stakeholders. myconvento offers you the technological basis for this.

Central address management

All address data of your target groups, members and other people in one place, but accessible from anywhere? Stored in accordance with the GDPR, but can also be divided into different groups and used granularly via client management? Update and deletion rules as well as distributed use are data protection compliant? As a relational database with connections between people, roles, companies and distribution lists?

Welcome to the world of myconvento contact management.

Media management and media library

No communication without pictures or videos. The myconvento media library provides perfectly organized storage space from which you can manage your media assets and make them available everywhere.

Press lounge and press area

Turn your contacts into VIPs and offer them the information and individual service they expect from you. Exceed expectations by creating a press lounge on your website. The usual list of press releases becomes an experience space that your contacts are happy to register for and that provides them with exclusive and tailor-made content. Everything is controlled by the myconvento backend, the database in which you determine for each contact what he or she can see and download.

Email marketing

Specialized email marketing tools become obsolete with myconvento. Delayed sending with high frequency, spam protection through authorization procedures, responsive email design, pull and push attachments, success monitoring of delivery, click and opening rates, bounced email handling and multi-stage email campaigns: the myconvento shipping module offers you everything .

What do our customers say about the integrated PR management solution myconvento?


Since we started working with myconvento, the colleagues authorized to use the system have been able to track contacts with journalists much better and track which mailings they have received. Thanks to myconvento, we work internationally on a central database, multilingual mailings are possible and can be carried out transparently. Thanks to this standardized database, every external contact is qualified - even in the case of substitutions.

Antje Müller
Head of Public Relations
Schaeffler AG

We have been working with Convento successfully and satisfactorily for a long time. The reliable dispatch of press releases and the preparation of our response analyses are particularly important to us. The myconvento cloud solution makes our work even more flexible and offers us further application options that we will use in the future.

Reinhard Scheiler
Head of Group Editorial Office
Evonik Industries AG