PR back office - professional fulfillment for your PR campaigns.

Time-consuming routine activities are unfortunately unavoidable for high-quality corporate communication. These include researching the relevant recipients, planning mailings, maintaining addresses and distribution lists and documenting all activities.

There is often a lack of resources for this in day-to-day business. But it becomes really painful when sudden events or upcoming events force PR activities to be ramped up. To ensure that everything continues to run smoothly, we have developed our PR back office service precisely for this purpose. Our experienced PR service team supports you in the event of a crisis, campaigns, events or change processes of all kinds. Our professional fulfillment can be ramped up very quickly and is available to you for just a short time if required. We specialize in our work, are comparatively inexpensive, can be deployed immediately and therefore provide effective relief.



Services at a glance

Support for your press lounge

Journalists and other interested parties register on your website. We create and manage the underlying "press lounge": journalists receive the information they want. It goes without saying that your press area is seamlessly linked to the contact management system.

Analysis and structure of your distribution lists

Who are the right contacts for your press releases? Are they included in your current press distribution list and are the data records qualified and up to date?

We optimize your distribution lists on the basis of a detailed evaluation of your press review. We also scour additional sources, especially online and social media, and search for people who write about your topic or are interested in your topic, such as freelance journalists or bloggers.

Campaign- and Eventmanagement

We carry out invitations, follow-up campaigns or surveys on your behalf. We use online forms in your corporate design for this purpose. Responders and non-responders can be tracked in contact management.


Distribution of your messages

We develop multimedia news pages ("Multi Media News Releases") according to your specifications. We distribute this news on the web: We fill websites with them, upload them to free press portals, transmit them via satellite to the editorial systems of important media and push them to your social media accounts.

Professional mailings with a guarantee

We carry out mailings on your behalf and monitor their proper execution. You supply the text, attachments and time of dispatch. We use your sender address, deliver the delivery rate and click rate and process the returns automatically.

Your PR back office at a glance


  • We support you during peak times, events, crises, change processes or staff shortages.
  • We see ourselves as an IT service provider for communication. Our consultancy focuses on technology and practical implementation.
  • Our core competence is pure PR fulfillment: establishing and ensuring your dialog capability on the web, identifying and maintaining your target groups, the efficient and targeted dissemination of your messages and the implementation of multi-stage campaigns.
  • Immediately deployable service resources available at any time. Bookable from a minimum term of one month.
  • Manageable monthly costs without your own personnel resources.
  • You have access to your data at all times. All processing steps remain transparent and traceable for you.
  • Processing and hosting of your data in Eurtope certified data cloud, in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and with an ADV contract. We therefore guarantee a high standard of data protection and data security.
  • Benefit from the experience of a medium-sized family business and provider of communication solutions with 30 years of experience.

Data import - transfer of your familiar database.

Good personal contacts are and remain the basis of successful public relations work. When you start with myconvento as a customer, you often bring your own valuable data with you. You can integrate this with our convenient Excel-based import wizard. Our support team will assist you during the 15-day start-up phase - free of charge and uncomplicated.

Or we can take care of the data import for you - including the migration of extensive databases. This means you are fully operational in a familiar data environment from the very first myconvento moment.

Feel free to contact us - we will check your requirements and make you a non-binding import offer.

Responsive Templates in your Corporate Design

Your news deserves an attractive framework in your own corporate design that conveys your unmistakable brand image.

Do you need a template for your press releases? Do you want your project, product or event to have its own unmistakable face?

We build professional and responsive HTML templates for press releases and newsletters that you can save and only need to fill with your current content.

Feel free to contact us - we will make you an individual offer according to your needs.

We were allowed to create templates for:

All functions for your daily work combined in one tool.

Media monitoring & analysis

Contact- and Relationship-Management

Content creation

Client management



Content distribution

We are also happy to help you with this.


Data import & processing

E-Mail Templates

By users for users.

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